Saturday, September 26, 2015

Parisian Dining in Cebu

I've been to Cebu many times - mostly for work. Though on certain occasions, I manage to squeeze in some tourist-y activities. Last month, I was there again and yes, again for work. So what tourist-y activity did I do this time you ask? Well I invited my work colleagues to go to La Maison Restaurant aka the Pink Restaurant!

La Maison is a French restaurant that used to be the elegant family home of the late Jose and Esperanza Velez. Louis Thevenin director and general manager of Alliance Francais de Cebu (AFC), a French language school, was the one responsible for La Maison Rose which serves French cuisine under a young French chef, Adrien Guerrey.

Let's go inside this very Parisian chic resto...

Our reservation was at 8:30 PM so they sat on the couch while we waited to be seated while I explored the place, taking photos.

At La Maison, the menu can be found in the tablet. This is where you'll also input your order.

The dishes have photos you can click if you want to see what it is you're ordering. Just got to click here and there. 

Me with my work colleagues, chilling and celebrating the end of our work event in Cebu. 

Belle decided to celebrate Friday with a wine drink. The rest of us though settled for iced tea and mango shake. Wine would've gone nicely with the meal we had but I couldn't drink alcohol since I was recovering from sickness that time.  

And here are what we ate:

We had these for appetizers. Pumpkin soup, potato salad and a canape bread. This is complimentary. 

And we also had bread with butter. Also complimentary.

For our main course:

Fat and juicy gambas served with rice

Succulent steak served with dill rice

And I forgot what this dish is called. (",) 

And this is the view outside from where we were. That's La Vie Parisienne, the French Bakery. Next time I'm in Cebu, I might try there. 

Kinda lakas makasosyal of La Maison Rose though the food pricing is affordable and it was good. Well worth the effort I exerted to go there after a long day of work. 

La Maison Rose 
371 Gorordo Avenue 
Lahug, Cebu City

La Maison Rose Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Arra Odeza said...

the food looks appetizing and makes me want to visit the place but unfortunately I may need to fly to Cebu to be able to taste all those yummy foods

Mark Villar said...

I'm from Cebu but never heard this place. Looking at your photos It looks expensive and I guess I can't afford to be on it.

April Perez said...

Wow, very techy! Menu in a tablet, reminds me so much of a restaurant in the US. Glad some local restos are now upgrading.

May Palacpac said...

What a lovely place! I'll take note of this resto when we go to Cebu, perhaps I can sneak a date with the hubby. The owner of this resto must be working a lot online to actually think of using an app for their menu and orders. Clever! Waiters don't need to worry if they got the orders all wrong and they're maximized on the floor. :) Clap clap

Anne V said...

La Maison Rose looks really elegant and cozy. I love the complimentary bread with butter and apps they served. Reminds mo of my stay in Africa.

LaineyLovesLife said...

This cafe looks so chic! I've been to Cebu several times but have never been to this place. I hope the piano is working :) I'd love to play a piece or two while having a glass of wine. :)

Elaine P said...

This cafe looks so chic! I've been to Cebu several times but I haven't been here.. I hope the piano is working because I'm definitely checking this place out on my next visit and play a piece or two, while having a glass of wine. :)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... Thank you for sharing but I might prefer to try the local food of Cebu.

Aaron said...

Nice place! Food servings won't be enough for me though T_T

Franc said...

It does look like the elegant looking fine dining places I've tried in Paris. It looks so cozy.

theresa said...

More than the food, the service looks awesome. I can say that it's really worth it based from your experience.

The Graceful Mist said...

Sweet! The place looks so chic and nice! It looks very homey to me. Unfortunately, it`s too far.

Sam said...

I wish I experienced this when I went to Cebu! All so fancy and quirky at the same time :)

Sam said...

I wish I experienced this when I went to Cebu! This is all so fancy and quirky at the same time :)

Justin Vawter said...

Cool menu. It's so interesting. The place looks so fancy!