Saturday, October 31, 2015

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Happy Halloween folks!

Since I love Halloween, I'm blogging about it again. Last year, I blogged about my Top 10 scary movies. Now, I wanna tell you about my favorite slasher film. Slasher films are fitting in the spirit of Halloween too - it's a great alternative to those who don't like scary movies.

So what's my favorite slasher film?

Yep, it's Scream. I've seen all 4 films. And personally, I thought they were all great! It's one of those slasher flicks that I thought lived up to the expectations of the first one.

Ghost Face was quite a scary killer. The mask alone! Plus he moved so swiftly and it was almost like he had some sort of mysterious power right? I mean in the movies, he'd been gunned down and got in a car crash and somehow he manages to come out alive and just vanishes in to thin air without anyone noticing until they look back.

And who can forget the scary voice in the other end of the line when his target victim answers the phone? "What's your favorite scary movie?" he'd asked. And next thing you know, Ghost Face was already inside the house wielding a knife at you! Time to run for your life!

Also, you'd never be able to suspect who the killer or killers were so soon. Maybe it was the boyfriend again (Scream 2)! Perhaps it was the cute cop played by Patrick Dempsey on Scream 3.

But what I loved the most about Scream was Sydney Prescott, Neve Campbell in real life. She was a bad ass. Granted, she tried to fall off the grid in order to hide from the killer (Scream 3) but everytime she faced Ghost Face, she was ready to kick his ass.

"There's one thing you're forgetting about Billy Loomis... I fuckin' killed him."     

What's your favorite scary movie?


Saturday, October 24, 2015

I went and did an Art Walk

Being an Ortigas working girl, I often pass by SM Megamall on the way home especially when I have company. Usually my business in this mall is either to eat dinner or tend to my beauty needs at the 5th floor. The one floor I often ignore is the 4th floor which hosts a number of art galleries that feature the works of Filipino artists both young and upcoming and old and well-renowned.

Well one day, I felt like being artsy-fartsy and so I decided to check out the 4th floor with a friend. I saw a lot of artworks there. I saw different kinds of artworks from paintings to sketches, to glass sculptures (work of renowned glass sculptor Ramon Orlina) to metal and wood sculptures. But my favorite work of arts were found at the Art Center which serves as an exhibit area.

First up - the works of Isobel Francisco. She's a graduate of Ateneo de Manila.



Isobel's signature work is all about colors particularly, the artist is drawn to using vivid shades of red, blue and purple. Her subjects like depicted above are also often strong, stubborn and struggling. These two I found on display at the Art Center play on the subject of bondage and the primal viscerality of such play.

Then there were the works of artist Gab Lopez.

Gab's work is defined by bold lines whether it's pen and ink on paper or acrylic on wood panels. Her subjects are a complete opposite of Isobel's. Hers can be described as feminine and alluring, in waves and curls. I like them because I'm all about flirty and feminine designs. 

Lastly, I liked the works of Paola Gemar. 

Left: The Street; Right: Pretty Eyes 

Paola is drawn to morbid subjects but she counters that with bejeweled festal decadence just like the artworks above of ghoulish figures performing an infinite danse macabre otherwise known as dance of death. 

Her artworks are a representation of Japanese folkloric figure, the Yokai which the Japanese believe to be a dangerous but also mysterious phantom enchantress that brings bad luck and calamity. It's a metaphor of societal conventions where women who are independent are considered to be deviant to the stereotype of meek and domestic. 

Back in the old days, art could only be found in art galleries. You'll have to make a real effort to go to these galleries to appreciate art. So exclusive right? Only the true blue art aficionados would be able to view them. 

But now, art is so much more accessible to the general public. I have to say kudos to Mr. Sy for making that possible! 

I'm no art collector. I'm not even an art lover. But you know I have to say thank you to my friend, Maila for inviting me to try it. The experience was enlightening and quite fun to do. I felt so cultured! Ha! Ha! 

If you ever felt like being artsy-fartsy yourself or you're a real art enthusiast, go on and try art walk in a mall. Go to SM Megamall at the 4th floor. You'll find rows of art galleries there! It's a free activity to do too! 

P.S. If you want to see the other work of arts I saw during my art walk, head on to Live in the Fast Lane.