Getting made up by a professional makeup artist, getting to call it a day at work while the sun still shines, trying something new, celebrating another year added on to the life of a parent and being with friends – these are my favorite moments this past two weeks.

1. I got to go home early
These days I’m lucky if I get to call it a day at work by 6PM. So when I get to go home early, meaning the sun is still shining, it automatically becomes a real good moment in my life. 
2. My gal pals from work and I got a professional to do our make up for free 
We’re all made up and looking absolutely gorgeous! 
Fate gets these event invites from a well known skincare and cosmetics brand, Estee Lauder and she extends the invite to us. I remember that one time she invited us to Rustan’s Makati and we ended up taking home a sample of their newest skincare product, the Estee Lauder Night Repair serum. This time, when we attended, we got to listen to the talk of Estee Lauder’s international make up artist and then they prepped our skin and applied their make up products on us. I do like their Night Repair serum in all honesty. It seems it truly would do wonders on my face. I also liked their Double Wear Foundation. First time I ever heard of a foundation that won’t easily fade with sweat or water. It’s perfect for a commuter like me. 
3. I rode the MOA Eye (this is my something new) 

I am holding on for dear life!

Confession: I’m scared of enclosed spaces that moves way way up high. Enclosed spaces alone no problem. Really tall buildings? Sure I can look down, no big deal. But combined… that’s something else. You’d think I wouldn’t be scared of a ferris wheel right? After all, it moves oh so slow. But I was. I rode anyway despite my fear. I wanted to see the city from way up there while Anerine wanted to see the fireworks by the bay. She was the only one who enjoyed the ride.
4. Mom celebrated her birthday


Mom recently turned 60. Officially a senior citizen. Never met anyone so thrilled to be a senior already. But mom was. I supposed I could understand it. It’s a real achievement nowadays to reach an old age considering the many sickness one can get in a lifetime. I know because my Dad didn’t get that chance. So yeah, I’m very grateful that mom got to reach the ripe old age of 60. 
5. Reunited with an old friend once again

Mark came to the Philippines for a vacation from London a week ago so Jordan and I definitely made time to see him. He’s been a friend of mine since high school. He’s recovering from a serious illness so this year’s meet up is definitely one for the books. I look forward to him recovering completely of course so we can hang out more here in the Philippines and even abroad, in London.