Confession: I had no intention of watching Love Me Tomorrow starring Dawn Zulueta and Piolo Pascual. Like a lot of Pinoy movies, I had every intention of letting this film go by without me seeing it in theaters. I just didn’t think it was worth my time and money.

But Ver invited us to watch it. I thought for a minute of throwing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows as another option but I abandoned that plan since I had a strong feeling it wasn’t the kind of movie Mai, Ryan or Ver would want to watch. I wasn’t going to win so…

Love Me Tomorrow is a story about a middle aged widow (Dawn Zulueta) who finds that there was actually life even after your husband dies and your kids are all grown up and living their own lives. She meets and falls in love with a younger man played by Piolo Pascual who is a DJ at a high end club in BGC.

I didn’t have a high expectation of this movie. In fact, I had no expectations when I watched it. But I ended up finding that I spent my money and my time on a good movie. I laughed, I felt kilig and I found myself somehow relating to some of the characters of the movie (well not with the lead cast but the supporting cast led by Carmi Martin).

Meet the Titas of Manila aka Dawn’s friends in the movie, aka the people we could relate to!

Piolo Pascual is still a hottie. To be clear, I am not a fan but there is no denying his appeal. I saw it when I watched Starting Over Again and again, here in this movie. I don’t like his character in the movie. An aging DJ who only sleeps around with younger women aka Colleen Garcia and actually didn’t have a lot to show for in his life in terms of career goals. I guess that’s just me. I like it more when men have direction in life.

Colleen’s the beautiful girl who doesn’t mind sleeping with JC (Piolo’s character) since she’s head over heels for him. She’s sexy there’s no denying that. But I think Colleen needs to start exploring roles that would really give her the chance to showcase her acting chops. I honestly didn’t really see that in this movie. My heart should have gone out to her in sympathy when JC fell in love with the older woman. I should have felt compassion for her when she opened up about being the only non-achiever in her family. But I found her acting “mababaw”.

Dawn Zulueta is still gorgeous as ever. She’s aging gracefully. I have nothing but praises for her. And I like how her character developed in the movie. I noticed the progression in her dialogues. Also her character’s success only goes to show that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and make it happen.

This particular scene showing the Titas of Manila admiring the younger women’s bodies as they casually undressed right in front of them was a real hoot! They couldn’t help but ogle at the hot young bodies in front of them! Good gosh! Just look at those abs of Colleen. It’s enviable! I’m not gonna sit here and wonder when I could ever get abs like that because I know, I’m so lazy when it comes to exercise! But yes, I also know that I gotta get up my ass soon and start being more active!

I thought those headphones were cool. Ver thought it too. But other than that, I thought this scene was funny and strange. A silent party at a music festival? Come on.

Overall though it was a nice movie. This film depicts the difference of how millennials are and middle age people trying to prove that age is just a number. There’s romance too. Also Piolo has chemistry with Dawn! He usually can be paired with any actress (well maybe except Bea Alonzo. Yes I saw Dreamboy on TV). Although really nothing beats Dawn with Richard Gomez! That’s a timeless love team!