Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What Happy Looks Like Vol 8

It's been awhile since I shared what's made me happy these past few weeks. But now I'm sitting down to blog about it again, making time for it.

1. Caught a Cinemalaya film for free 

Cinemalaya is one of those annual events that I find worth going to. This year, my friend, Jordan was given invites to watch the premiere of a film called 1,2,3 by Carlo Obispo. It was a film about siblings - an older brother who came to Manila to search for his sister who's locked up in a brothel. It made me cry. But you know, a movie night with a friend and for free? That is awesome.

2. Checking off another thing in my resto bucket list: Hole in the Wall      

Mai and I had another all girls bonding day recently and we went to Century City Mall because of Hole in the Wall. We have this never ending list of restos to try thanks to the places that Spot.ph features. Finally, one more resto to cross off our list. We ordered burgers at The Beef.

Our burgers are huge and they cost quite a hefty sum of money. It's so far the most expensive burger I've eaten. Ha! Ha! But the service of the crew I can't complain about. It was really good service.

3. Pig out on a rainy Friday

I asked Mai to accompany me to Mall of Asia recently so I can finally, finally buy the jacket I've had my eyes on at Uniqlo. Because we did window shopping and we braved the rain, we found ourselves famished. We ended up at Burgoo with their Cheers for Three promo. There was only two of us but we ordered that anyway. Food at Burgoo is always good... well except for the calamari we ordered. Disappointed with that!

4. Finally owning a copy of the new Archie Comics

I am such a fan of Archie Comics since 4th grade. I own all the Married Life issues and now I have in my collection the new Archie comics! Archie and the rest of Riverdale gang have been given a new, modern look. I have been searching and searching for it but now I have it! Finally! Thank you Fully Booked Century City Mall.


5. Tried a new Japanese restaurant at S Maison 

My friend, Mark was able to go back to the Philippines for a second time in a year and so we hung out. On our first night together, we grabbed dinner at S Maison called Chibo Okonomiyaki. It was a really good dinner that satisfied me more than usual because I just came from a long and tiring out of town trip.

6. Hung out with Jordan and Mark

I love hang outs with my friends - each brings a different kind of experience to me. With Mark and Jordan, I learn a lot about travels especially because Mark is well traveled. Plus they're very laid back guys so I can just chill, no plans in mind. Also since Mark now lives in London and Jordan I rarely see, hang outs with them are really treasured.

7. A staycation at Conrad

After a long, tiring out of town trip where I got stuck in traffic and forced to brave the heavy rains, retiring for a good night's sleep at a big bed with soft fluffy pillows is just love. Nothing kicks off a good weekend than that! 


8. And finally a really good lazy Sunday breakfast 

I-HOP for breakfast is love! Omelette, coffee and pancakes!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Recent Read: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella's books have become a favorite chic lit read of mine (I've read the entire Shopaholic series). I find her books' heroines quirky but charming and most of the books I've read are amusing including my most recent read, Wedding Night.

The Plot: Lottie just knows that her boyfriend is going to propose, but then his big question involves  trip abroad - not a trip down the aisle. Completely crushed, Lottie reconnects with an old flame, and they decide to take drastic action. No dates, no moving in together, they'll just get married... right now. Her sister, Fliss, thinks Lottie is making a terrible mistake, and will do anything to stop her. But Lottie is determined to say "I do," for better, or for worse. 

The first time I read this book was at Powerbooks. While waiting for my friends, I decided instead of walking around the mall window shopping (because I had a lot of stuff I didn't want to lug around), I'll just find a spot at Powerbooks, pick a book and read to pass the time. 

From the first few chapters, I was hooked and for me, that makes a good book and because of that, I decided I'd buy the book and finish it at home. 

I think the plot was interesting. Imagine an old flame who shows up after years apart wanting to reconnect and saying he still has feelings for you. I can't blame Lottie for thinking this was him - the guy for her after her ex-boyfriend breaks her heart for not seeing it - a future with Lottie. 

I loved Fliss for looking out for her younger sister and her determination to help Lottie get out of her mess everytime she gets her heartbroken. And I understood her bitterness because she was going through a tough divorce. Though I'm glad in the end that she was able to grow and let her bitterness go. Holding such negative emotions isn't the best way to live. I think that can suck the life out of you. 

Lottie and her unfortunate choices I get. I'm somewhat like her. Not with the unfortunate choices part. Yes even though she's already in her 30s. I related to her in the way that she doesn't like to deal with her pain head on. Her projects, her unfortunate choices were results of her not wanting to face the heartache like how people should - mourn the loss of love, cry your heart out, maybe help yourself to a tub of ice cream and then move on. Like Lottie, I usually run away from it, bury it deep down - way, way down and then the delayed reaction comes - the pain eventually surfaces up and that's when the moving on process actually begins. 

While Sophie told this story in an amusing way, I loved how the story unfolded. Spoiler alert! Lottie does end up marrying Ben, her old flame. But on their honeymoon trip to Greece, in between feelings of being horny, she starts to come down from cloud nine and actually notice the things that should matter when you're looking for life partner until she realizes he's not the guy for her. 

Marriage is a very big deal. Even though there's divorce to fall back on in other countries should the marriage not work out, not the right fit,  it should not be how marriage is approached. I personally think nobody should marry for no other reason than love. And by that I mean knowing your partner's ambitions, values and quirks but still wanting to be with him/her. 

Lottie jumped the gun because she was hurting from Richard, her ex. That's the craziest, most unfortunate way to deal with heartbreak. In real life, actions like that could have serious consequences. She probably won't get off easily. But for a book story, it's an entertaining read. 



Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What Happy Looks Like Vol. 7

1. The five year celebration 

I don't usually pay attention to the number of years I've been friends with someone or the number of years I've been working in the company. I stopped counting the years after I realized I've been enjoying spending the time with someone so much that time just flew by and before I knew it, I've been friends with him/her for more than a decade! I stopped counting the years at work when I finally found a company that I felt very welcomed at, doing a job that I actually like because I'm learning and growing. Before I knew it, I've reached regularization status!

This time though, I felt like celebrating. I mean five years of friendship is a big deal! And five years working in the same company? Very big deal! They're both no easy feat to achieve.

Maila and I have been friends now for five years and it all started at the company we work in at. Five years ago, a certain girl casually dressed in jeans and blouse sat across from me at our office's conference room while I rocked the power dress because I was told Mondays to Thursdays were corporate attire at the office. I don't know what came over because I usually am a snob and never one to initiate a conversation with a stranger but on that day, I decided to break the ice. I said hello and she said hello back and from our small talk, I found out it was her first day at work too! I was so glad! It meant instant companion who would tread the waters of the new company with me. Because she was there, I didn't have to be the "new girl" - the one who didn't know anybody at work and had no one to eat lunch with or have a conversation with.

This is us having lunch at Yabu where we had our mini celebration 

I'm so grateful to have a friend at work. She's someone I can have brunch with, lunch with and sometimes even dinner and coffee after work! She's my stress reliever too - she endures listening to all my rants. And she's also my consultant - my brainstorming buddy and my editor.

2.  Visiting a new coffee shop

Jordan and I saw this coffee shop, Bean and Yolk around Bel Air on our way to Aruga, Rockwell a couple of weeks back so we decided to go back and visit. I love discovering new restos and coffee shops around Makati. I love exploring Makati, period.

3. Attended a quiz night with friends

Maila's former workmate organized a quiz night at Borough's, Podium recently. The theme was Back to the 90s. Finally! A quiz night that I was pretty sure I could have answers to! Ha! Ha! I'm a 90s kid after all.

Team Regal Babies killed it at the Back to the 90s Quiz Night! 

A lot of questions were about pop culture - music, movies and TV shows so yeah, I was able to answer a lot! Finally, it's a quiz night where we were not on the last place. Ha! Ha! I've attended a couple of quiz nights at Murphy's Makati and well, my friends and I are usually on the last place. Questions there are harder!

This group is quite funny! Raymond (the one holding the whiteboard) does a mic drop whenever he's confident our answer is correct and Michael (beside Raymond) covers our answer whenever he's sure we got it right like students do whenever there's an exam to prevent other people from copying our answer.

4. Girls night bonding 

It's not often that Mai Ann and I go out together. Usually we meet up with Ryan but Sunday is family day for him so it was just us two this time around. She invited me to go eat dinner at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast at Poblacion, Makati and then coffee. A Sunday night spent talking all girl things! Boys, fashion and gossip!

5. A weekend lunch with Serenity friends

Mhay recently celebrated her birthday (she's a July girl like me!) so Shale invited us to a lunch get together. On a weekend, I usually go out late afternoon as I like spending the early part of Saturday sleeping in and just watching TV. I make exemptions from time to time like I did with this weekend get together.

It's just so nice getting together with them especially because we don't often see each other.

6. A nice dinner with my two gal pals

Anerine's back in the corporate world, working in Makati again and Jackie finally gets a free time from her hectic work schedule. So the three of us had dinner somewhere in Salcedo Village and just chatted the night away.

7. Watched a concert

I love Selena Gomez! I think she's pretty and hot. And I so love her music from way back Who Says and I Love You Like a Love Song. So when I found out part of her Revival Tour is a stop in the Philippines, you bet your boots I bought a ticket too watch it along with two of my work colleagues who are also Selena fans!

The concert was awesome. A little bit bitin because it was only for an hour but anyway, it's Selena and I loved singing along to her songs!

We only availed of the Gen Ad tickets but still it was fun! So glad to have spent Sunday night watching Selena Gomez in concert!