1. The five year celebration 

I don’t usually pay attention to the number of years I’ve been friends with someone or the number of years I’ve been working in the company. I stopped counting the years after I realized I’ve been enjoying spending the time with someone so much that time just flew by and before I knew it, I’ve been friends with him/her for more than a decade! I stopped counting the years at work when I finally found a company that I felt very welcomed at, doing a job that I actually like because I’m learning and growing. Before I knew it, I’ve reached regularization status!

This time though, I felt like celebrating. I mean five years of friendship is a big deal! And five years working in the same company? Very big deal! They’re both no easy feat to achieve.

Maila and I have been friends now for five years and it all started at the company we work in at. Five years ago, a certain girl casually dressed in jeans and blouse sat across from me at our office’s conference room while I rocked the power dress because I was told Mondays to Thursdays were corporate attire at the office. I don’t know what came over because I usually am a snob and never one to initiate a conversation with a stranger but on that day, I decided to break the ice. I said hello and she said hello back and from our small talk, I found out it was her first day at work too! I was so glad! It meant instant companion who would tread the waters of the new company with me. Because she was there, I didn’t have to be the “new girl” – the one who didn’t know anybody at work and had no one to eat lunch with or have a conversation with.

This is us having lunch at Yabu where we had our mini celebration 

I’m so grateful to have a friend at work. She’s someone I can have brunch with, lunch with and sometimes even dinner and coffee after work! She’s my stress reliever too – she endures listening to all my rants. And she’s also my consultant – my brainstorming buddy and my editor.

2.  Visiting a new coffee shop

Jordan and I saw this coffee shop, Bean and Yolk around Bel Air on our way to Aruga, Rockwell a couple of weeks back so we decided to go back and visit. I love discovering new restos and coffee shops around Makati. I love exploring Makati, period.

3. Attended a quiz night with friends

Maila’s former workmate organized a quiz night at Borough’s, Podium recently. The theme was Back to the 90s. Finally! A quiz night that I was pretty sure I could have answers to! Ha! Ha! I’m a 90s kid after all.

Team Regal Babies killed it at the Back to the 90s Quiz Night! 

A lot of questions were about pop culture – music, movies and TV shows so yeah, I was able to answer a lot! Finally, it’s a quiz night where we were not on the last place. Ha! Ha! I’ve attended a couple of quiz nights at Murphy’s Makati and well, my friends and I are usually on the last place. Questions there are harder!

This group is quite funny! Raymond (the one holding the whiteboard) does a mic drop whenever he’s confident our answer is correct and Michael (beside Raymond) covers our answer whenever he’s sure we got it right like students do whenever there’s an exam to prevent other people from copying our answer.

4. Girls night bonding 

It’s not often that Mai Ann and I go out together. Usually we meet up with Ryan but Sunday is family day for him so it was just us two this time around. She invited me to go eat dinner at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast at Poblacion, Makati and then coffee. A Sunday night spent talking all girl things! Boys, fashion and gossip!

5. A weekend lunch with Serenity friends

Mhay recently celebrated her birthday (she’s a July girl like me!) so Shale invited us to a lunch get together. On a weekend, I usually go out late afternoon as I like spending the early part of Saturday sleeping in and just watching TV. I make exemptions from time to time like I did with this weekend get together.

It’s just so nice getting together with them especially because we don’t often see each other.

6. A nice dinner with my two gal pals

Anerine’s back in the corporate world, working in Makati again and Jackie finally gets a free time from her hectic work schedule. So the three of us had dinner somewhere in Salcedo Village and just chatted the night away.

7. Watched a concert

I love Selena Gomez! I think she’s pretty and hot. And I so love her music from way back Who Says and I Love You Like a Love Song. So when I found out part of her Revival Tour is a stop in the Philippines, you bet your boots I bought a ticket too watch it along with two of my work colleagues who are also Selena fans!

The concert was awesome. A little bit bitin because it was only for an hour but anyway, it’s Selena and I loved singing along to her songs!

We only availed of the Gen Ad tickets but still it was fun! So glad to have spent Sunday night watching Selena Gomez in concert!