Sure I remember my high school. Not everything about it of course but I remember a lot from that time. Why am I blogging about high school? Well, I recently found out that the movie, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion is already 20 years old!   

I seriously liked this movie. I mean what’s not to like? From Romy and Michelle’s sparkly dresses to Romy and Michelle telling their old classmates they invented post-its when asked the question “What are you up to?” to that memorable dance scene at the end part of the movie. And of course, there’s the overall story of Romy and Michelle realizing they don’t need to pretend to be anyone else because they were pretty cool the way they were and that the important thing was they had each other – friends – whom they could be themselves with.  

And how apt that I’m talking about Romy and Michelle’s High School when my high school batch had a reunion about a month ago? The alumni batch president was coming to visit from Canada and so a batch get together was planned at least a year in advance. There was even a Facebook event page created for it where people could RSVP. I answered “Maybe”. 

No bitterness okay? I had a good high school experience. Fun in its own way. I was simply not sure I wanted to go. In the end, I did go to the reunion after watching Wicked at the Theatre at Solaire with Anerine, a friend since sixth grade. 

Here are just a couple of photos I grabbed from our Facebook page taken by my batchmates. Check us out.

We’re wearing older faces. Some faces didn’t change. Some I didn’t quite recognize quickly. Some got hot – hellooo Aldrin, Mr. Sharp Shooter! but on that night, the topics centered around well what else? Our high school experience! 

We talked about the teachers we had:
  • our kooky teacher (my old, and I mean old 4th yr. high school adviser)
  • our gym teacher who – yes had a muscular body (you could tell just by looking at his chest) but really not hot but is kind of a heartthrob among some of the female students (I suppose it’s because there was a lack of the male population in school)
  • and the strict ones – the disciplinarians who kept us in the classroom long after school’s dismissed to teach us a lesson for being so noisy and rowdy

Some talked about favorite activities we had in high school like:

  •  a trip to the library – not for the books but for the computers and the air con. You see, back then our classrooms were not air conditioned (which I am so thankful for because I’m super lamigin) and the Internet with its chat sites were so new (OptiChat was the go-to chat site back then. Silly classmates just chatted with each other online anyway).  
  • Sayawit – If you have to ask what that is, well simply put it’s sayaw and awit put together. It’s a thing held in school around February, about a month before the finals and school closes for the summer. All high school students, from all batches, are required to perform on stage. Freshmen and sophomores are made to dance – folk dance while the juniors and seniors sang folk songs. No classes were held during that time of the year because we all had to practice. 

Like Romy and Michelle, I wasn’t part of the A group – you know the popular ones neither was I part of the C group – the very smart ones but because I had my friends in high school, I had fun.    

Actually, just like Romy in the movie, I had a huge crush on someone in high school.  We were classmates in freshman year and we were even seatmates. For me he had it all – he was cute with a smile that could make your knees go jelly (debatable my high school friends would say but there were plenty of other girls in school who would have agreed with me), he was smart too (in fact he was so good with Math, on Teachers Day, he was always picked as the student teacher), he could dance (yep the boy had the moves on the dance floor) and he could play the guitar. He was nice but also sort of a bad boy too (he’d get in fights with the upper batch and instead of getting turned off, he just appealed to me so much more. Ha! Ha! Ha!)

I had hoped that my fate would be just like Sandy Fink’s. He had a crush on Michelle in high school and when he came to the reunion, he hoped he’d see her again. Well, I had hoped he’d be there at the batch reunion. I don’t have a crush on him anymore but it would have been nice to see him again – in person. How would I have felt if I saw him? Would I still get those butterflies in my stomach at the sight of him? Would my knees still feel like weak if he smiled at me? Unfortunately, these all remain to be questions left unanswered. Oh well. Fate didn’t have it in the cards for us to meet again. He was there. I saw pictures of him with the others. He’s still cute. Some of my friends who were at the reunion also told me he was there. But he left before we got there. Sobrang hesitant ko pa kasi umattend! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well, I still had a nice time seeing my batch mates in person even though I didn’t see him and even though I know what some of the others are up to nowadays thanks to Facebook.