Confession: My Dad was the one who introduced me to the world of comic books. See, he was a big fan of DC Comics’ Batman and Superman. He also loved reading Marvel’s Spiderman. And growing up, he had collected these comic books. He used to tell me so much about these comic book characters and how awesome they were. And when Hollywood made movies out of Batman, Superman and Spiderman, my Dad took me to see them. 

These days, I’m still very much into collecting comics – mostly Archie comics – though recently I’ve started scouting for new comic books to read and collect. I found one in fact thanks to Free Comic Book Day.

So over the weekend, I got my geek on to check out Asia Pop Comic Con 2017 (APCC) at SMX in Mall of Asia with my friend, Hazel and her daughter, Chelsea.

While the event is I think already on its third run this year, it was honestly my first time to go. Where have I been all those other times, living under a rock? I so wanted to go to Comic Con this year that I was willing to go alone if I couldn’t find a friend to go with me. Hazel and her daughter were the unexpected companions. I made mention of the event to her once over dinner after gym and she said she’ll go as a favorite comic author was going to be at the event.    

I was told this third run was the biggest one yet with more celebrities and probably more gimiks. I guess that explains the massive crowd that gathered over the weekend.

Anyway, these were the awesome things I was able to see at this year’s APCC:

Cosplayers in all their cool costumes

I thought that little girl in Wonder Woman costume was seriously so cute!

Harley Quinn and Joker
Beauty and the Beast

Hey it’s Brienne of Tarth!

Saw this scary zombie at the TV5 booth where they were promoting the Walking Dead. They actually had some sort of maze booth challenge there. I would have gone if I had a companion. I think that would have been scary and fun. 

At the Sky Cable booth, we got our photos taken with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Hazel and I originally wanted to get our photos taken with the White Walker’s Night King that’s why we lined up. Unfortunately for us, they left just before it got to be our turn. 
Oh well Jon Snow’s hot
And of course, we went to the NetFlix booth – probably the most visited booth in the whole convention basing on the very long snake line that the crowd had formed. 

It’s sci-fi feels at Stranger Things 
Hello Wil? Is that you?

and feeling kinda bad ass as a prisoner in Orange is the New Black

Couldn’t really think of a creative/witty thing to say so yeah, I basically copied Hazel’s (Ha! Ha!)

And then milk shake at Pop’s diner in Riverdale

While we mostly stayed at the ground floor, lining up at the booths (Didn’t get to see some of the cast of Stranger Things), we also did a little shopping. 

Hazel and I bought stickers from Toto Madayag. His captions are quite amusing. 

Dear crush…
Mother-daughter bonding in the rest room, reading the new book Hazel bought
And I got this graphic novel at 20% off!
She’s loving her new pillow

My feet were basically killing me by the end of the day but it was such a fun weekend activity. Well worth the pagod and the money spent.