Love the app that gives cashback: Shopback

Confessions: I love using Grab and Uber to transport me to places - whether it's for work or for personal lakads. I find it so convenient and comfortable to ride in. In fact, I once blogged about Grab and even got a token of thank you from them because I raved about their service.

I also love online shopping! Most of my friends are iffy about the idea of buying things online but it's easy to trust the likes of Zalora and Lazada for me since they have easy payment options and return and exchange policies.

About a year ago, I discovered Shopback through my friend, Maila since she used to do the PR for it. What is Shopback? It's an online site that "helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores, plus cashback!" When you shop online through Shopback, you will receive a portion of the amount you purchased online back as Cashback. Learn more about Shopback here. The very idea of getting money back was enough to entice me to sign up. To be honest, I wasn't sure it was legit - that I was actually going to get money from it but I tried it anyway because what had I got to lose? I was going to do some online transactions anyway.

After a year and two cashback withdrawals later and I am happy to report that yes, guys! It does work!

This is the mobile app interface. Shopback has a website but if you're almost always using your phone anyway, you can download their app and use that instead for your online transactions. I'm not sure how recent but they added new clients that will give you cashback when you have transactions with them through Shopback. The most notable addition for me is the addition of Grab and Uber under rides category.

Like I mentioned, I use Grab and Uber a lot especially over the last few months of last year. Shopback allowed me to compare fares of Grab and Uber - I just had to enter my location and my destination. Once I see which option is the cheapest, I would book through Shopback app as well and I'd get a P5. 00 rebate (I used to get P5. 00 rebate from both Grab and Uber but now the latter no longer offers that. Wonder why?).

I also like shopping for clothes at Zalora so now whenever I make a purchase, I course it through Shopback and I get a portion of my spending back. For my beauty needs, I found that it was cheaper to buy Olay products at Lazada than the physical stores since they have bundle offers online so now I also use Shopback whenever I have a need to restock my beauty arsenals. And when I have travels and need to book a hotel, I use Agoda, another merchant that gives cashback through Shopback.

Some cashbacks take awhile before it gets credited to your account like Agoda while some you'll get in a day like Grab.

You can see the status of your cashback on the dashboard. As you'll see in the photo above, my available, pending and withdrawn balances are reflected so it's actually easy to keep track.

This is my total earnings since I started using Shopback. You can withdraw your balance once it reaches P300 and you can get it via Paypal or bank deposit. My available balance for withdrawal is P783.62 since I've already withdrawn my earned cashback before.

I love using Shopback because I get some savings from my online shopping. It's extra money I can use for whatever!

Try it out for yourself! 

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