I keep snap, snap, snapping away receipts with Snapcart!

I found another way to earn cashback! It's through an app called Snapcart. I stumbled upon it last December on Google Play while looking for an expense and savings tracker app.

How does Snapcart work? In a gist, you're asked to snap (take a photo) receipts from stores and you'll get a rebate.

The higher your level on Snapcart, the bigger your cashback will be multiplied. I've been regularly snapping receipts so now I'm already on a Silver level and I've only been doing this for two months. I guess that just goes to show you that I'm always spending on something. Well... in my case this is my usual post workout drink, Vitamilk or my in between workout snack, banana.

What kind of receipts does Snapcart accept? At the moment, the only valid receipts are from supermarkets/grocery stores, convenience stores and drug stores. You can also snap receipts of your department store purchases but only if you bought make up! That's the only item that counts.

I was naturally hesitant that this would work at first. But I did some research about the app's legitimacy and found a few articles about it from online news publications. The app allows you to cash out once you reach the minimum of Php220. I cashed out once I got to Php225. 

You'll receive this notification from the app once you've successfully done your cash out. You can choose to receive your money via Paypal or via bank transfer and the processing can take 5-7 working days. I opted for bank transfer and yes, after the given time frame, I got my money!

My best friend, Ryan, teases me about what has become my receipt snapping habit. But I keep snapping anyway because I'm getting cash from doing this. Actually, while on the process of doing this, I realized a lot of convenience store cashiers don't give the customer their receipt. Most of them automatically tear out the receipt from the cash register, crumple it and throw it out. I guess that's become a norm since most customers also no longer bother to get their receipt after paying for their purchased goods.

So what does Snapcart get out of it the receipts? Well, the very idea of Snapcart is data collection. They collect massive amounts of purchase data and they analyze that and they offer to brands on a real time basis with shopper rich information. You can learn more about Snapcart here.

Anyway, so this app is awesome! Php200 is already a good amount for a meal, added shopping money or  even savings. Since I've also been in the habit of collecting my receipts, so I can track my expenses everyday,  with Snapcart, that behavior is paying off literally! In fact, I have some friends who've started getting in the habit of snapping receipts as well for Snapcart.

If you want to earn cash backs too from your receipts, try out Snapcart. It's available on both Google Play Store and the App Store.

Update as of May 5, 2020:

Snapcart updated their system and now more types of receipts are accepted! You can now snap receipts of purchases like load and clothing. Even receipts from loading e-money, Snapcart has now allowed. They said even online receipts are now accepted in the system but I can't vouch for this because the email registered for my online purchases is different.

Also, the receipts you snap are no longer instantly convertible to cashbacks. Now the amount of your purchase gives you coins which you can play on Snaptastic where you either get the chance to win small amounts of cashback (I'm talking .20 kind of cashbacks), more coins or if you're lucky, a PHP20 cashback. You can also earn coins from participating in surveys, shoot and video which can also be found under the bonus section of Snapcart. But that's not all - coins can also be redeemed for Snapvaganza tickets which if you are picked from the raffle, will reward you with higher cashbacks - as high as Php3,000!

Some of my friends didn't think this was a good update which made them quit and uninstall the app altogether. BUT I disagree! The new update has allowed me to earn more cash backs even when I haven't won the Snapvaganza raffle and at a faster rate I might add! I've been able to cash out twice from the app already and going on my third cash out soon.

Minimum cashout now is at Php220, 5 bucks less than when I first posted about this. What are you waiting for? Put those receipts to good use and snap away!  

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