What a trying time this week had turned out to be for me.

There was the proposal at work that had to be done on a very tight deadline and I had to stay at the office ’til late evening of Monday and Tuesday to get it done. Thank God for teammates who despite the stress and pressure of the job still manage to crack jokes and laugh while still doing their best to pull through the job! Overtimes are not fun but when you’ve got those kind of people working with you, you’re in good hands. On that note I’m lucky. Very lucky and I’m truly grateful.

Speaking of grateful, I can’t forget people whom I call friends. Be it new people I’ve only known for months but already we’re becoming fast friends – good friends (Hi Dom!) or people I don’t always get to meet or talk to but still remain friends with (Hi Apol!)
Me with Ryan and Dom having fun on the photo booth again in Timezone. It’s become our monthly tradition! 
Me with my buddy Apol. I met him through a leadership seminar I attended a few years ago and we met up this afternoon to catch up on each other’s lives.
This week also brought in disappointment and heartbreak from a falling out with someone I thought was deserving of my affection. My judgment of the person was wrong apparently. It makes me both sad and angry. Angry at the way I was treated by this person because I don’t deserve it! And angry at myself for letting my guard down so easily and so I got hurt. It makes me sad because I wasn’t valued enough by this person even as a friend. It makes me sad because I cared for this person and I wouldn’t have wanted us to end things the way we did. But there’s nothing there to do but accept things the way it is and move on. 
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Taking solace with this quote: 

It won’t be an easy road to recovery and right now I do feel sucky even though we were never together. He still broke my heart and it hurts. But I’ll get to that place again eventually.

Currently listening to:

My Moving On playlist. Powerful messages about fighting through heartbreaks and pain. That’s what’s gonna me through this. 

Tonight, I end my post with this sun set. Because that first time we spent together when I felt this happy feeling, I immortalized the memory and the feeling with a photo of the Manila Bay sunset. And now it comes full circle with this sunset that is all about our sad ending, the goodbye and the hope that the new day will bring me something better.