Second week of April means birthday celebrations for three of my friends – three fourth of the Awesome Foursome: Ver, Ryan and Mai. So let me just give a quick birthday shoutout.

Happy Birthday to my BFF, Ver! When it comes to striking a pose for the camera, no one does it better than her.

Also happy birthday to another one of my closest friends, Mai – the girl I’ve known since high school and who I usually turn to for advice when it comes to fashion.

And of course, happy birthday to my best friend, Ryan! Who would’ve thought the guy who teased me a lot in fourth grade would end up being my best friend? Shared a lot with this guy – dreams, hopes, travels, work frustrations, love and heart break and of course, fitness.

I’m definitely lucky to have such awesome friends!

This week, I had a work event that asked us to wear royal blue, white or black as a dress code requirement. I chose to wear my royal blue structured tube which I bought from Warehouse a few years ago.

This look can turn from day work outfit with the white vest on…

to a date night outfit!

And topped that look off by straightening my hair and putting on make up. The only thing missing I have to say would have to be a guy to date! (Not that I could that night because I did have to work). But I have to say it was the first time this past week that I felt good after the shitty week before that.     

Ryan thought the dress I was wearing was new but the truth is, I just haven’t been able to wear it for a long while because it felt snug around the tummy area! I really put on the weight! But I’m happy to report that since I’ve gone to the gym a lot, I have lost a good amount of weight that I could fit into the dress again and this time, breathe more comfortably even after eating! Yay progress!

The picture on the left is from 2014 and on the right is also me, wearing the same dress again 4 years later!

Current List

Currently watching: Friends on Netflix

Yep, been binge watching it all week this week. It never fails to bring on the laughter. Also, Chandler is such a good boyfriend/husband to Monica! I never realized til now! I need a guy who can also love me for all my quirks and crazies.

Currently reading: Postcard Killers by James Patterson and Liza Marklund

This is my first James Patterson novel. Borrowed it from a friend at the gym who turns out also enjoys reading books. So far, I’m liking this book.

Recommending: Netflix’s Lost in Space

If you like sci-fi, you’ll like this new series on Netflix. Actually, it’s more of a reboot of a 1965 series of the same title. I quite like it. I think it’s kind of exciting to watch. Watch the trailer below.

So anyway that’s it for this week. If you have your own set of current list, drop me a note below and share your list with me. Always looking for something new to like.