I thought I’d give this weekly blog content of mine a title to describe what’s in it. The title is inspired by the TV series, Friends, which I am still watching and now on Season 9! Did you guys ever like Joey and Rachel together, by the way? ‘Cos I did. I know, Rachel and Ross are perfect for each other but Joey with Rachel is not bad at all.  
Anyway on to my weekly confessions…

The week that had gone by had been pretty much humdrum for me saved for Saturday when spontaneity hit me and hit me hard. Started that day with only a workout in mind but as I was waiting for yoga class to begin that afternoon, Facebook reminded me of an event I said I was interested in.

Dia de Libro 2018 is an annual event held by Instituto Cervantes in celebration of International Book Day. On this day, booklovers can enjoy checking out books from different genres and even get it at a discounted price. When you buy a book, you get a rose so if you’re also a romantic, that’s definitely going to appeal to you even more, right? Well also at Dia de Libro, you can enjoy taking in Spanish culture with poetry readings, food and Spanish classes. 
I’ve always wanted to check out the event but somehow every year, I forget about it. So this time, on a spur of the moment decision, I ditched yoga and went to Ayala Triangle where the event was being held to finally see for myself what the fuss is all about. It was free anyway so there was nothing to lose if I ended up finding that there was nothing awesome about it. 
Well, ended up buying 3 books at the event. Bought a Filipino made graphic novel since I started expanding my taste in graphic novels beyond Archie Comics last year; a book called Goodbye Girl which I bought since so relatable what was written on the back of it. The book’s only Php185 but got this at 20% off at Dia de Libro. 
Ito ay para sa lahat ng nagmahal, pero nasaktan at naiwan… para sa mga nagpapaalam. Para sa mga Goodbye Girl.
And I also bought Dear Universe which is a collection of poems. I’m not big on poetry. But when I saw this book I was drawn to it kasi…kasi nakarelate na naman ako! This is Php395 but again at Dia de Libro, it was 20% off. 
Whether you are searching for a soul mate, battling self-doubt, clearing out skeletons in your heart, or trying to chart your own course in an increasingly judgmental world, Dear Universe is an astute, empowering reminder that you are not alone.
The Book Stop Project PH was also at Dia de Libro 2018. It’s a project that aims to encourage reading by letting people borrow books and also donate old books. You can read more about this project here. Part of the Book Stop Project’s activity is “Blind Date with a Book.” Basically, the idea is you donate a book but you have to cover it up and just give a brief description of what the book is about for the benefit of the other book lovers who will come by to check out the books. If they like what they read without actually knowing the book title, they can take the book with them to read and they can also donate their own wrapped up book. 
I picked this one out. It’s the only kind of blind date I can bring myself to go to nowadays. Ha! Ha! I have had enough blind dates with guys to last me a lifetime. 
I was perfectly enjoying the company of one, mainly myself at Dia de Libro 2018 but I found myself saying yes to a movie invite posted by someone I know from the gym on Facebook. I’ve been meaning to see A Quiet Place which stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt because I’ve read a lot of rave reviews from my Facebook friends and critics. So off I went to Robinson’s Manila to go watch the movie. 
I liked the movie. It’s not scary but it’s full of suspense. Will keep you at the edge of your seat. In my case, sliding down my seat just a tiny bit and covering my mouth as I braced myself for what might happen in the movie so I don’t suddenly make a loud noise from the excitement. I liked the company too. “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” 

Current List

Currently reading: None.

But that’s because I finally finished my first James Patterson novel, Postcard Killers today which makes progresses my GoodReads 2018 challenge to 4 books in total read for the year out of the 12 books I set out to finish. 
Still thinking of my next read ‘cos there’s so many lined up!
Currently listening: Red by Taylor Swift
Did I tell you guys I’m a Swiftie? Well, so ever since Thursday I think, I’ve been playing Red on Spotify over and over again. I’m determined to learn all the lyrics so I can sing along. But yeah, I like Red because the lyrics perfectly describe how I feel. Yes, again with the relatability! I have so much feels.  

“Losing him is blue like I’ve never known. Missing is him is dark grey all alone. 
Forgetting him is like trying to know somebody you never met. But loving him was red.”
Know what this TSwift song means? It’s about loss of someone you love. Taylor sings about the pain of heartbreak, using colors to describe the feeling. Blue and dark grey depict loneliness and red was passion and love. 

Looking forward to: May 1 for Las Casas day tour trip with Ryan and Dom
Been wanting to go that place for a long time now! Long before the media recommended it as an Instagram worthy place. 
Musical plays I’m excited to watch:

Sa Wakas A Pinoy Rock Musical which uses Sugarfree songs. It’s described as a play that raises the timeless question of why relationships fall apart. 
This is one play I’ve been looking forward to watching since last year but I missed it then. Won’t be missing this one this time! 
Ang Huling El Bimbo which features Eraserheads songs and Mamma Mia which will feature Abba songs. I love Abba songs ever since I watched Mamma Mia the movie. My personal favorite is Take a Chance on Me and Honey, Honey. 
And that concludes my confessions for the week. As always, feel free to share your own current list on the comments section.