The Sweetest Birthday So Far at the Dessert Museum, S Maison

One stormy day in July back in 1985, a baby came into this world. Fast forward to years later and that baby is all grown up and officially 33. Whenever my birthday comes rolling around, depending on my mood, I either throw a party or make it a low key celebration. During my 31st birthday, I threw a Murder Mystery party. Last year was a videoke party with select people. This year, my birthday celebration was simply a dinner with some of my closest friends.

But when your birth month comes rolling around, I'm sure you also receive various promotions from different brands so you can celebrate your birthday by giving them your hard earned money. Ha! Ha! Well as I was browsing through Instagram one day, I came upon The Dessert Museum's post that for this month, all July babies are free with the condition that we bring a paying companion with us. Since I've always wanted to visit the place ever since I learned about it, I brought along another my other friend, who's also a July birthday celebrant and two more friends willing to pay for a visit at The Dessert Museum.   

That's Dom, my friend who's birthday is also July. Actually, the day of our Dessert Museum visit is his birthday so you could say he too celebrated his birthday in the sweetest way possible.

While it's called The Dessert Museum, it's not really a museum though there are some trivia about desserts that you'll find written on the walls. This pastel colored place is really meant more for getting your photos taken around to post on your social media accounts like Instagram.

This group photo of us (Dom, me, Ryan and Mai) was taken by the nice staff of The Dessert Museum. I guess they're trained to do this sort of thing for the visitors of the place. It's not obvious in the photo but I was honestly a little scared of being on that upside down lollipop. I'm such a klutz so the risk of encountering an accident while on it or while climbing it is high. Plus my sandals didn't hold much friction on the top's shiny coating.

The place is filled with sweetness from lollipops, donuts to candy cottons! And yes, you can eat some desserts in here too so there's a treat not only for the eyes but for your sweet tooth as well.

We went on a weekend and the place was packed! But don't worry, you'll be able to take photos without strangers accidentally photo bombing you as the staff controls the number of people who go inside each room. Plus we let the others take their turns first and move on to the next room before we take our photos so we can have the place to ourselves.

Each pastel colored room is just so worth taking photos of! Here are some more photos of us in The Dessert Museum.

This definitely was a sweet 33rd birthday. And it's by far, my sweetest one yet. If you're a July baby, there's still time to head over The Dessert Museum and get in for free! The Dessert Museum is located at the Ground Floor, S Maison, Conrad Hotel, SM Mall of Asia Complex.

What I Wore:

Romper from Maldita
Sandals from Melissa Shoes