I’m back from my trip and blogging again! How was it? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is nice country to visit. It’s almost like Manila except cleaner. You’ll even meet a lot of Filipinos there – either tourists as well or working there. Not surprising since it’s a very accessible country from the Philippines and an affordable one to visit to! I did have a nice time there. Although nothing beats being back home.  
This trip was really for my mom more than anything. I promised myself that this year I would plan a new travel for us because she really wants to go places while she’s still strong enough to do so. Anyhow, I’ll tell you guys more about it on a separate post but if you are going to Kuala Lumpur, consider Bukit Bintang area where we stayed at. Specifically, we stayed in Ceria Hotel (pronounced cheer-ya) which is a nice, affordable and comfortable hotel with an Instagram-able lobby to boot! Use Booking.com so you can have the option to book now and pay at the hotel. Use my referral link so you can have 10% cash back when you book. On top of which, don’t forget to book through Shopback as well for additional cash rebate! 
Here are a couple of photos of the charming hotel lobby:

Usually when I’m travelling, when I get back I usually get that I need a vacation from my vacation feeling because while it’s fun to go places and explore, it also can get tiring trying to figure out your way around and also packing up. This time though, I’m back from my vacation feeling refreshed, ready and raring to go back to work and back to blogging! I feel like my writer’s block has cleared up and I have found a direction as to where I want to take my blog. So raring to write, write, write and share away. So expect me to update this blog more often from here on. Hopefully you guys will keep hanging around to read and engage with me! 
Most importantly, I feel refreshed to do more with my life because to be honest, the past few months I was just drifting. Though I let myself do so as I healed my heart. But now that I have recovered and moved on, it’s about time I take control of my life again. Do the things I want to do. Make new goals. Achieve those goals. Make new friends. Travel. Learn something new. The list is never ending!      
Current List
Currently watching: This is Us

I know! Another TV series I’ve gotten on late in the game. In my defense really, there’s just so many of them I want to watch! But I have read so many rave things about This is Us for so long. Now that I finally have a copy of this series, I finally started watching. It is such a tear jerker! 
Currently saving up for: Hongkong trip
Yep, I still have another travel coming up later this year and I’m excited about this. So, so excited! I gotta save up for this more than Kuala Lumpur because 1) I don’t have my mom with me (LOL!) and 2) Hongkong is a more expensive city to go to than Kuala Lumpur. 
Currently reading: Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
I’m down to my last book challenge for 2018 GoodReads Challenge where I pledged to read 12 books for this year. Sophie Kinsella’s a good pick. I don’t think you can go wrong with this author if you want a light and amusing read.