1. Being able to squeeze in a workout

It’s been a month or two since I last attended a cycling class at the gym. I used to be able to go religiously but priorities had to shift. But I was able to make time for it this week when my friend, Franz, told me he was teaching the class. Cycling made my legs burn but I sweat so much in this class! It’s like I could feel so much of the calories melting away. LOL!

2. I made a sale

So a couple of weeks ago, I made my first sale on Carousell. This time, I made a sale selling prepaid load. Thanks Coins.ph! Any amount big or small will help fund all the things I want to buy!

3. Eating delicious pasta for about half the price

An Italian restaurant called Amici had a pasta fest for two days last week. The first time I ate here was a couple of years back at the Ayala Triangle branch and the delicious taste of their carbonara was forever etched on my mind. When I saw their pasta fest promo where they offered their pastas for less than Php200 (original price is Php300+ per plate) I just had to go and eat there again. Brought my friends along too who also enjoyed a good pasta meal.

4. Creamy vanilla milkshakes

5.  Capping off the work week by having dinner with a friend

I was supposed to have a no spend day last Friday but chucked that off when Jordan invited me to dinner. I’d never say no to meeting up with a good friend especially on a Friday night.

6. Dining at the Riverdale feels ambiance of The Filling Station Cafe 

Loved the 50’s diner feels of this place complete with some waiters dressed up as famous personalities such as Elvis Presley and music from that era. But now they’ve taken it up a notch by adding the Riverdale feels of the place – Pop Tate’s diner in Riverdale. You guys know what a hit show it is now! Even I, a true blue Archie Comics fan, love their dark and different take.