Reviving this old blog series of mine where I share the awesome things that happened to me in the week. In case you’re new to my blog or have forgotten about this blog post series of mine, I started this series to remind me of the good things that happen in my life big and small. It was inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.

1. Donating old clothes and getting a discount voucher in exchange

If you’ve ever shopped at H&M, then you may have noticed that big billboard sign they have on their counter walls that encourages their customers to donate old clothes to the store. Whatever the state of your old clothing is – worn out, with a hole in it or maybe the color has faded – you can donate it at the store. Just show the cashier your bag of clothing donation and they’ll give you a 15% discount voucher in exchange.

My friend, Jordan and I finally did that and got me this:

How awesome is this? I was not only able to declutter some of the stuff in my room such as my old clothes but I also got a discount voucher that I can use for my next H&M shopping!

2. Bonding over coffee

I love, love, love drinking coffee! So when Jordan invited me to chill over coffee, I jumped at the chance.

3. Made my first Carousell sale

Because I am doing some decluttering in my room, I also decided I’d sell some things I no longer use or want online. I signed up for Carousell account and posted some items there for sale. I made my first sale today when someone bought my old Nike rubber shoes. Yay! Additional money for HK trip!

4. This taho in the mall

When I was a kid, my mom used to buy taho for me almost everyday when Manong magtataho comes around our street in the morning. Somehow over the years, the sight of manong magtataho has become a rare thing so finding taho in the mall is awesome! Brings back memories of childhood taho days.

5. The shared dessert 

Speaking of nostalgia, when some of my friends and I were walking at the mall, we spotted a Mini Donuts vendor. Mini Donuts also used to be a favorite donut stall of most 90’s kids. As years go by, some businesses close shop and I thought Mini Donuts was one of those that bit the dust. So imagine our thrill when we spotted this at the mall!

Rej shared his donuts with me.😊 These cinnamon flavored mini donuts are delicious!