Been dealing with a personal stressful situation that’s been going on for weeks now (here’s looking at you, PLDT) and so I haven’t gone on to list down the happy things in my life lately. But here’s to getting back on track so I don’t let the negativity of the stressful situations of life get to me too much.

1. Finally got my Leo Mazzotti bracelets

I ordered them online a couple of months back and since it’s from abroad, it’s taken quite awhile to get here. I’ve just about given up on it actually. They’re just so cute so I had to buy. If you like ’em, use my Instagram name (@piecesofliz) on the checkout cart to get 10% off.

2. Got a new credit card

Yay! Just in time for HK too! Well it’s just gonna be for emergency back up. Not gonna be careless with swiping plastic this time around.

3.  Found out that this week is a two-day work week! 

I’m ready for a long weekend of rest and relaxation. So, so ready.

4. Got to attend an art exhibit opening over the weekend. 

I’m no art connoisseur but I can appreciate a good work of art. Also that was a first for me. I feel so cultured! 😆

5. Finally getting to taste Starbucks famous autumn season drink, Pumpkin Spice Latte

It’s sooooo delicious! Try it out! You won’t regret it.