Skipping Lines, Paying Bills, Getting Cashback and More

Part of adulting is paying bills and paying them on or before their due date. Electricity. Cable. Water. Credit Card. Mobile Phone Plans. Internet. As I racked up years working, I also racked up bills to pay and every payday, I would find myself in line at the SM Centers so I could pay those bills on time. It's what I disliked the most about paying bills - the long lines I had to endure because I'm really not the most patient person.

That part of my life's in the past though after embracing the power of technology and going digital. I started with enrolling in online banking after my cousin talked me into it. Just input a few details with the amount and voila! Bill paid! Amazing! Ever since then, that's how I paid for my bills. No more lines.

Recently though, I've discovered another digitally cool way to pay those bills without having the need to fall in line for so long. The secret lies with!

What is

It's a digital wallet that you can use to pay for stuff like bills or load and buy digital currency such as Bitcoins. I've never tried to use it for the latter but it is already an amazing app that has helped me a lot!

What I use it for

Bill payments will help you pay over 80+ different types of bills. Personally, I use it to pay for cable, Internet + landline, my mobile plans, electricity and water all just by logging in on the app through my smartphone!

Buy prepaid load

I've long said goodbye to the prepaid life but I discovered there were still a number of people in our neighborhood, including my mom, who still needs load. With, I now have a way to supply them with load when they need it.

Check balance and buy Beep card load

There was a time when I was a frequent user of Beep card because I took the MRT to work and then the bus to McKinley which both required the use of Beep card. While I no longer have the need to use Beep as often, I still find myself from time to time using it like the time I had to go to a friend's house in Mandaluyong. Despite the long lines and the crowd, MRT was still my best bet in getting to her place the faster way compared to EDSA traffic.

Because it had been awhile since I last used Beep, I wasn't sure how much balance I had in it and if I needed to buy load for me to be able to use it. With, I was able to do both! I simply had to open my NFC, tap my Beep card at the back of my phone and I was able to see my balance. Turned out, I needed to load it up so I could use it so I selected load card, bought Php50 worth of load and I was ready to ride the MRT! Again, skipped the long lines!

What I love about it

There are three things I love about using

1. So convenient to use

No more long lines. Check! Access it anytime, anywhere (you just need a strong Internet connection). Check! Even cashing in is so easy to do because there are plenty of ways you can do so like Touchpay, 7-11 and GCash are just some of them. Some of them have convenience fees though. If you're cashing in a high amount like Php1000 and above and want to avoid add on fees, cash in at Unionbank or UnionBank Online Banking as they offer 100% fee rebate. Luckily, there's a branch near our office.

2. So many uses

I love that there are a lot of things I can do with such as pay bills, load beep card and buy load. You can even pay Traveloka and Philippine Airlines through the app. For the gamers, you can also buy game credits through it like Steam Wallet, Garena Shells and Level Up!

3. Cashbacks

This is the number one reason I love using I get cashbacks for my transactions. For every bill I successfully pay, I get Php5.00 back and if I pay 4 unique (meaning I've not paid for it yet for that month) bills in a week, I get Php100 rebate. I also get Php10% back whenever I buy load - be it Smart or Globe. It's not a promo by the way! It's all year long that you can get these cash backs from

It's seriously an awesome mobile app and I'm glad I discovered it. Want to try it out for yourself? Download through Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. Use my referral code: if2vrm so you and I can both get Php50 after you complete your account verification.

If you want to know more about it, you can visit their website.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Muriel 

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