What Happy Looks Like Vol. 15

And just like that people, it's back to work after a long weekend of remembering our dearly departed loved ones. How did you spend the break? Mom and I went to visit my Dad to pray for him. Luckily for us we don't have to go very far and we don't have to worry about braving the cemetery crowds since his resting place is in a columbarium in a church just two jeepney rides away. Of course I also spent the long weekend watching Netflix (will tell you all about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina soon!) and shopping for stuff I would need for my upcoming Hongkong trip (it's this week guys! So excited about it!).

Anyway here's another list of happy things:

1. Bonding over milk teas with friends 

I was done with my workout at the gym by early afternoon but I stuck around and waited for my friends, Jordan and Jen to finish theirs. Jordan's been a friend since highschool and I met Jen at the gym since we usually attend the same Sunday classes.

We bonded over milk teas, chatting about anything and everything under the sun.

2. Shopping and dinner with my two dearest friends

Since Mai moved from Pasay to Paranaque, we hardly get to hang out with her so it's always nice when the three of us get a chance to get together. Had asked both her and Ryan's help in finding outfits I would wear to my Hongkong trip and then we ended the night with dinner at one of our favorite spots, Cafe Mary Grace.

3. Got the Herschel bag I've been eyeing on for months!

4. Seeing the cutie at the gym. 

5. And of course, just having a five day weekend. 

Work can be so draining at times so it's nice to get a breather. Five glorious days of not having to think of work. Okay, so I partly had to think of work because we have an upcoming pitch but it got settled after a day.

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