Christmas is just around the corner. Can you guys feel it already? There are lots of get togethers happening left and right now. Malls packed with people buying Christmas presents (I haven’t made a significant dent in my shopping list!). And bonuses are now being handed out.

So what’s made me happy this past couple of weeks?

1. A new travel coming up

Cebu Pacific had a seat sale recently and we were able to get an affordable round trip flight to Cambodia! It’s been on my travel bucket list for awhile now but flights are usually expensive or unavailable! But finally, come March of next year, I will finally get to see Angkor Wat.

2. Dinner with Mark, my cousin 

We used to see each other everyday because we were roommates. Ever since he moved out and far (he now resides in Pasig!), it’s very rare that we meet so I welcomed an invite to dinner with him when he told me he was in the area of Makati.

3. Being 100% healthy again

I was sick for awhile with German measles and was forced to stay home. No going to the office. No going to the gym. After days of rest, I’m in the pink of health again!

4. Pro 45 cuties!

I hit the gym as soon as I could. I found that these cute guys: Franz and Enzo were both teaching the class. It’s always nice to see friendly faces at the gym these days especially when they are actually friends of mine teaching the class.

5. A Christmas get together with my LEAP 55 ONE LOVE friends 

Kwentuhan. Laughter. Food. Booze. And basically good company. What’s not to love about seeing them?