The Christmas holiday is almost over and I have not posted a list of the events that made me happy in awhile. The holidays can be a busy time for get togethers. But I’m back with a new set list of the stuff that made me happy these past couple of weeks.

1. Dinner with the younger cousins 

One of the things I like about Christmas holiday break is the fact that my cousins from the province usually come for a visit. Time flies so fast, you know? It feels like I just blinked and they’re actually all grown up! All young adults now, about to graduate College and step into the real world.

2. A Christmas get together with my closest friends

We went to Mireo at Raffles Makati and ended the night doing karaoke at Red Box. We also had exchanged gifts. We even had a theme for the night: red and black.

3. A two night staycation at a five star casino resort free!

My mom’s friend was given the Solaire staycation. But he said he wasn’t into such things so instead of letting it go to waste, he gave it to me. And so off I went to Solaire with some of my dear friends. One night stay at the place is pretty expensive – a price I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay – so I’m lucky to be given the privilege to stay there without shelling out money for it.

4. Finding out that I get another day to see someone I really like 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to me!

5. My favorite Body Jam tunes being played in class 

Add the fact that someone I like dances really well to them!

6. New Year get together 

On most years, I hold a New Year videoke party at my place. Attendees usually consisted of just me, Ryan and Mai. This year we’re joined by a few more faces – Dom, Hazel, Ver and Rej. Food, singing, laughter and booze. It was a really fun way to spend the first day of 2019. I hope next year I see them all again taking part in the celebration.

How’s your happiness level now that the first work week has officially began and the holidays almost over?