Relationships with people. And myself. That’s the bulk of what has made me happy these past few weeks.

1. Dinner with Ver 

It used to be that we saw each other every so often. In a week, it could be three straight days. But that was when she was still working in Makati. So when I was told she’d be coming in our area again, I took that opportunity to meet up for dinner with her and a couple of our other friends.

2. Meeting my College friend, Belle again

Our friend, Jackie’s daughter, was recently baptized and also celebrated her 1st birthday. I was glad to see Belle went to the party as well because we rarely see each other now that when we do meet, we’d wonder when the last time was and one of us will say last year pa or two years ago! It’s nice that despite the years, she still makes an effort to meet up when she can.

3. Having me time 

The last couple of years I really neglected myself so this year, I made a promise that I will do better. Having me time is one of those efforts I’m making for self care. While I love spending time with my friends or going to the gym for that matter, it sure is nice to take some time off just for myself.

4. Eating chocolate sundae on a hot afternoon for free

I spent quite a lot during the holidays – part of which I paid for using credit card and it turns out they have a promo partnership with McDonalds wherein you spend a certain amount and you’ll be entitled to a freebie. It’s not a big prize, sure. Some might even say, chump change. But I try to value the little things and for me, eating a chocolate sundae and spending nothing for it is awesome.

5. Getting treated to lunch by mom

Mom surprised me over the weekend with lunch at one of the restaurants in Okada Manila. She was so thrilled at the idea that we get to dine there without spending much because she was using a meal voucher that she also got for free. Red Spice is a Chinese restaurant and I love Chinese food. The food was delicious!

6. Bonding with Jordan after gym

Jordan’s been a friend of mine since high school and now we’re gym mates! But we don’t often hang out together since he and I often have different plans for the day so it was nice that we were able to spend time together again. After a workout at the gym, we went to dinner, had coffee and chit chatted the night away. 

7. Getting to finish two books in a month

I enjoy reading but nowadays it takes me awhile to finish a book. So getting to finish two books in a month is a record! Yay! I might just be able to meet my 2019 GoodReads Reading Challenge of 20 books for this year.

8. Getting the chance to attend Rej’s Body Jam class on a Tuesday afternoon

I’ve lost a part of my flexible work schedule so I don’t often get to attend 5.15 PM Body Jam class. So when an opportunity presented itself where I could go, I went to the gym and made it in time for class. I really enjoy attending Rej’s class.