January Reads: Sophie Kinsella's Finding Audrey and Colleen Hoover's All Your Perfects

My year in terms of reading books is off to a good start with me being able to finish not one but two books in a month! Hopefully, I'll be able to sustain this desire for reading long enough to allow me to meet my 2019 GoodReads Reading Challenge.

Anyhow, let me talk about the two books. They are from my favorite authors Sophie Kinsella and Colleen Hoover. 

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

Okay so the truth is I started reading this book December of last year. Still since I only finished it earlier this month, it counts as a January book. I've read a lot of novels from this author - I have the complete Shopaholic series! - so I know it will be a light and entertaining read. But her book heroines are usually females in their twenties. Finding Audrey is different because this is more for young adults. Audrey is a teenage girl suffering from a mental illness and that's why she's always wearing dark glasses.    

I read somewhere that the first few pages is very crucial when enticing a possible reader to buy the book to read.  Well Sophie Kinsella's books will always pull you in! I was laughing at the first couple of pages of this book. Actually, there are a lot of parts in this story that you'll find amusing. Audrey has a quirky family!

I get kilig even when it's teen romance we're talking about. Didn't feel that in this book. But maybe because it's really about Audrey and her struggle with her mental illness. Speaking of illness, I wish Kinsella gave a backgrounder of what happened to Audrey that caused her to be the way she is. Everytime I turned the page, a part of me was hoping this was where I'd find out the incident but I finished the book without a clue. I dunno. It felt incomplete somehow 'cos I had that question in my head left unanswered. Maybe it's just me. 

Anyway, I will say I like how Sophie was able to weave in a serious health issue into the story without losing her voice. Like I said it was still funny read. 

Here's an exchange I liked from that book. It's so cute.

Audrey: I love it. I love it.
Linus: So do I. You.

And in case you, like me, need a reminder about what life is like, here's another line I like from the book well worth noting.

Audrey's mom: ...That's what life is. We're all on a jagged graph. I know I am. Up a bit. Down a bit. That's life.

All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

Most of the Colleen Hoover books I've read have either made me cry or at least tugged on my heart. Ugly Love. Maybe Someday. It Ends With Us. All Your Perfects had me bawling in tears! 

This is romance novel is about Quinn and Graham whose marriage is in trouble and whose fate seems to lie on a forgotten promise they once made to each other. It is such a sad read even though I can't relate to what Quinn was going through. Just knowing about their struggle is already heartbreaking but I love how the story reminded me the magic of love - of how it helps you fight through the big hardships you'll encounter. 

Like her novel, It Ends With Us, Colleen tackles a social problem in the book and I love how she does it so well without making us lose the romance side of the book. I always rave about Colleen Hoover's books and if you ask me to list my faves from this author, I would say this book will make it to my top five.   
Here's a line I like from this book:

“If you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim.”

So those are my January reads. I haven't finished reading anything for this month of February. I've been trying to get through The  Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger but so far I haven't made a dent. Not that it's not a good read. It is! It's just that reading it triggers my desire to up my fashion game (aka shopping!). LOL! Read any good books lately? And are you planning to go to the Big Bad Wolf Books sale next week?

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