The year 2019 has only begun but to be honest, I’m slowly feeling negatively about work and my career in general. I’m feeling very anxious about my future. I wish I knew for certain that I would be okay. Do you know that feeling like you’ve hit a road block and you know you have to find a workaround it – only you don’t know which way to go and what lies ahead of that.

Anyway, I don’t want to be fully consumed with the fear and anxiety. There are still good things happening in my life.

1. Four day work week last week

Thank you Chinese community for your Chinese New Year celebration. For without that occasion, I would not have had a break from work.

2. Chinese New Year dinner with friends

None of us are Chinese but we decided to celebrate it in our own little way anyway by helping ourselves to a feast of scrumptious Chinese food at a Chinese restaurant near the gym that we frequent.

3. Eating out at restaurants that I know serves good food

Been allowing myself to eat really good meals at some of my trusted restaurants. Delicious food = happy tummy = happy me.

4. Rej’s Body Jam class

Of course.

5. Getting a good workout at the gym

6. Dinner with new friends, Da and Enzo 

7. My online shopping haul finally getting delivered at home 

8. Being able to publish new blog posts. Still sticking to my goal of being more active in blogging. 

9. Being able to stick to my 365 day ipon challenge so far.