About a few months ago, Zomato launched Zomato Gold, expanding its services to more than just a site where you can check out different restaurants’ menus and leave reviews. As a member of Zomato Gold, you can get deals from the various food and drink establishments that are on the list such as Buy 1, Take 1 food or Buy 2, Get 2 drinks.

Never really bothered to avail of the service before. I knew from experience with Booky that I wouldn’t be able to maximize its use enough to say it’s worth it. After all, you need a companion for this. And I’m not just saying that ‘cos I’m trying to be conscious of my weight! Because I could scarf down two pastas or drink two coffees all on my own if I felt like it.😆 No. It really does say that under the conditions – in order to avail of the offer, there must be at least two people on the table.
I finally tried it during my recent staycation with Mai at The Henry Hotel in Pasay. Apartment 1B, the only dining establishment in the hotel premise was on the Zomato Plus list and it’s got a Buy 1, Take 1 pasta (the lesser value is free!) offer. It’s a good thing Zomato Plus had a starter pack package so it only cost me Php200+ to be a member and it already came with 3 unlock offers which meant I could use the service three times.
Food cost at Apartment 1B already ranges from around Php300+ and up so imagine with one use, I already got my money’s worth. The offer at Apartment 1B was for pasta meals so that’s what we got. 
The next day we had coffee at Illy Cafe in Mall of Asia after we checked out of the hotel and before we proceeded to our next weekend adventure together. They also had a Zomato Gold offer, Buy 2, Get 2 Drinks. But we only had 1 drink each though. Still not a bad deal. 

And yesterday, when we met again, we decided to have coffee at Single Origin in Greenbelt. Like Illy Cafe, the coffee shop had a Buy 2, Get 2 drinks offer. This time because we were joined by Ryan, we were able to get 2 complimentary drinks with our order. We split the second coffee drink between us two, Mai and I. 

Try their Vanilla Latte decaf. It’s so creamy and sweet! 

And with that, my third and final unlock was used. I definitely liked the experience and I think my friend, Mai,did too. Who doesn’t want to get freebies and/or dine in for a cheaper price right?

It’s very easy to use Zomato Gold. I simply signed up, paid with a debit card and my membership was instantly activated. And when I dined at the establishments under Gold, I only had to flash the unlock screen on my Zomato app and got the deals, no questions asked.

Do I want to avail of it again? Sure I do. But I haven’t just yet. I want to renew when I know I can have a friend or two with me again who are willing to dine in only at the selected restos under Zomato Gold (which is currently not a lot yet specially around Glorietta/Greenbelt area) so I can get my money’s worth again.

If you’ve got a significant other and you’re often dining out, this is a great feature to try out. Zomato Gold’s also great for a group of friends – especially when they’re also Zomato Gold members since each member can use his/her unlock to avail of the establishment’s offer. Great good and drink deals while saving money. What’s not to like about Zomato Gold?😄