Helloooo July! It’s been a real crazy week but it’s been a happy week too. Actually despite the busyness, life’s been generally good to me. Here are just some of the things that have brought a smile on my face.

1. My birthday 

Because every year added on to one’s life is a blessing, it’s worth being celebrated.

2. Getting a birthday week 

I’m normally on vacation leave during my birthday because who wants to be bogged down with work on your special day right? BUT I couldn’t do that this year since there was a big media event I was in charge of running the following day.

But still, I was able to celebrate my birthday. In fact, I was lucky enough to have been able to celebrate it the entire week with some of my friends.

3. Rej’s Body Jam Class 

4. Exploring a new food joint in Manila with friends

Rej invited Ryan and I to go Tambayan, a gastrobar somewhere in Manila. The place was charming with a good music selection. Always nice to explore new places and with friends.

5. Getting treated to a massage because it’s my birthday

Been meaning to get a massage but also putting it off  ‘cos well budget concerns! Haha! But Hazel surprised me with a massage as a birthday gift. And deep tissue massage at The Spa is love!

6.  Getting birthday cake surprises

On my birthday salubong, Ryan and Dom bought me a cheesecake with caramel sauce topping on it. During my birthday get together with friends, he surprised me with another cake – black velvet my fave! from Cafe Mary Grace.

7. Finally buying the dress from Promod I’ve had my eye on for a while and at 50% off! 

8. Getting to watch Toy Story 4 

It’s been weeks since this was first shown in cinemas but I only managed to watch over the weekend. Luckily, it’s still showing in Glorietta.

9. Spontaneous movie night to see Spiderman: Far Away From Home

Ryan’s such a Marvel fan boy. After gym, we simply went to S Maison to check out schedules but suddenly found myself agreeing to watch the midnight premiere. Good movie. Love Tom Holland’s take as Spiderman.

And I only had to shell out about a hundred bucks additional because I had SM movie passes.

10. Finally tried an escape room!

Always been curious since Breakout Philippines started and they’ve been around for years! Took advantage of my birthday as a reason to get my friends – some friends at least – to try it out with me. We didn’t manage to breakout though. We were so close.😞