Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

I’ve been loving Cupcake and Cashmere’s Work Week Wardrobe blog posts and have been wanting to blog about my own. They’re so simple but they’re so nice to check out! And so I finally tried… for about a three days!😅 I got too busy with work to bother taking #OOTDs.

These are not from this past week by the way. It’s also not from one single week. It’s a series of photos I took from when I remembered to do so.

Outfit 1:

Wearing: Cream colored sleeveless vest from H&M; skirt and top from SM and pastel purple shoes from CLN; ring accessory from Avon 
About this look: My friend, Rej called this the “Doctor Look”. Yes, he actually said I look like his sister who’s a dermatologist because of the vest.😒😅  But I needed the vest as cover up my top which is actually revealing at the back since I was going to work. 

Outfit 2:

Wearing: Top from Plains and Prints; Pants from ForMe 

About this Look: Looking a little more dolled up than usual here. Wore this to a work event and a meeting. I thought I needed to look a little more put together than usual because of those two reasons. Power look without the statement accessories.

Outfit 3 

Wearing: Maxi dress from Cotton On; wedge sandals from Teelle; bracelet from Leo Mazzotti and ring accessory from Avon 

About this look: I’ve only worn this dress for the second time. First wore this when I traveled to Cambodia.  Ryan picked out this outfit for me. Something he and I just spotted while we were strolling around Mall of Asia. I love this dress already. It gives out the illusion that I’m tall. 

I need to do take more #OOTD photos and I need a better way of doing it. Oh well. I’ll figure it out another time. For now making it my goal to post more #OOTDs on the blog.