Projects for the New Year, 2020

Two weeks into the new year and the new decade and I'm finally blogging about the projects I want to do for this year. I revisited my 2019 projects too to see which of them I was able to achieve; would want to continue or restart for this year.

1.  Invisible Money Challenge

I started saving Php50 every time I got one. I was off to a good start but somewhere along in the middle I stopped. But I started it again in October and was able to save about Php3,000. And I've been continuing this practice since the year started.

Also this year, I decided to add to it. Every new Php10 coin I get, I will save.

I guess I just needed the right motivation to keep on doing it. Nope, not travel. Something else entirely. 

2. GoodReads Reading Challenge 

As a booklover, this is one challenge I really love participating in. Sometimes I successfully meet the challenge (hello 2014, 2018!) and sometimes I fall short of the number of books I set myself to read (2019!).  This year's goal - read 12 books! 

3. Be More Environment Friendly 

It's a project I started last year - to do my share of helping to save Mother Earth. After all, we only have one planet! It's not really easy to do in all honesty. But I'm trying!

  • Recycling brown paper bags (Drop them off at Silent Beads)
  • Recycling plastic bottles (Drop them off at Green Antz
  • Bringing my own tumbler for coffee now  
  • Gcash Green Forest - virtual tree planting by collecting green energy from using the app. Gcash will plan a real tree for you

4. Blog More Often

I enjoy blogging. It's my creative outlet. I often neglect updating my blog but I'm determined to change it this year! So really expect more updates from me! If you've been a regular reader of this blog, well... thank you! Guess you like all the random things that I share here.😄

This year's projects list is shorter than last year's but these are what I really want to do. I'm a firm believer more than ever that if something excites you or makes you happy, then you should do it!

I've also thought of my guiding word for the year: TIME. Time for friends and family. Time for me.  Time for work. Time to pursue things I love. 

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