Had a productive Sunday today. Was up early as always for church with mom and then it was off to Mall of Asia to meet a friend at the gym (had to get my When in Manila shirt back which I lent her when she needed a change of clothing after my annual New Year’s get together. I love that shirt!). A quick chitchat with friends who were at the MOA gym branch (I miss weekend hangouts with them after gym) and a couple of errands for my mom and myself. All taken cared of before I went to Manila to hit the gym for training with Rej.

Watching: Into the Storm

It’s a disaster film about tornadoes. A little bit like Twister ‘cos there are also tornado chasers except they’re not all scientists in this movie. Originally was looking for The Perfect Storm but it’s not on Netflix (or maybe it’s no longer available in the streaming service). This renewed interest on disaster films came after talking to my friends about movies like this last night over coffee.

Reading: The President’s Missing by James Patterson

I finished Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella finally so I’m moving on to another genre: political thriller. This is the first book of mine that’s a political thriller. Though I love movies and series that’s of this genre – Sum of All Fears; Red October (I know these are also based on books by Tom Clancy but I’ve not read them); Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime.

Hopefully I finish this one within the month of January! It’ll be a good start to my 2020 GoodReads Reading Challenge. 

Listening: Ben & Ben’s Pagtingin

A new fave. Ben & Ben singing about my heart’s desire.

Feeling: Exhausted physically but emotionally, happy.

Well I have been up since 6:30 this morning! And I came from another rigorous workout with Rej. I feel every muscle in my body aching right now but I had fun! Still enjoying these 1 on 1 trainings.😊 

Getting ready for: Bed

I’m all cleaned up now. I’m trying a new way to wind down so I can sleep earlier than the usual 1AM. Will blog about that new night time ritual next time!

Thinking about: Decluttering

I normally welcome a new year by decluttering but I was busy over the holidays so I didn’t get around to it. Then I got a roommate – my cousin moved back in and all his stuff are in boxes all over the room! More clutter!😓

Since my free time is either spent training at the gym or meeting friends, I’m just doing decluttering little by little while also now bugging my cousin to put his stuff in the drawer that I cleared out for him! A little goes a long way!   

Looking forward to: Rej’s Body Jam class tomorrow