Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

Hello blogging world! It’s been awhile since I’ve actually posted anything in here. Saved for that one guest post I published, I have pretty much gone on hiatus the past two months! It has been an eventful couple of months.

1.  Travel: Bangkok, Thailand with my mom

Just seeing the look of excitement on her face and hearing her say the words “Thank you, anak” was enough to make me happy. It was an eventful 4 days, 3 nights trip to the Land of Smiles but I had a wonderful time with mom, my aunt, my mom’s friend and my friend/constant travel buddy/OOTD photographer (LOL!), Mai. We ate some Thai food. We explored temples. And even traveled via train to most of our destinations like locals.

2. A new friend 

Yum is someone I met at the gym. Since I started regularly attending Rej’s Body Jam classes, I would at times see this petite girl with the long and dyed golden brown hair seemingly having the time of her life dancing to the Body Jam tracks. Never did talk to her though. Until a couple of weeks ago when she decided to come up to me and introduce herself. I love that we hit it off right away. She’s like my sister from another mother!

3. Bonding with old and new friends in Siargao

Back in April of last year, some of my friends and I talked about traveling to Siargao in December of the same year. We made it all to Siargao saved for one who had to choose not to join for other more important matters. This travel brought us closer as friends – Jordan, Ryan, Jen and I.

4. Travel: Siargao Islands 

It’s always awesome to go places you’ve never been to before. Siargao was a wonderful place to visit.

5. Rej’s birthday celebration

Rej’s birthday fell on one of the days we were all in Siargao.  I was happy to be one of the friends there to celebrate his birthday with him over booze (salubong) and a surprise cake for him on his actual birthday.

6. Christmas bonus and 13 month pay 

Money, money, money. Need I say more?😁 

7.  Family on Christmas and New Year’s Eve 

My cousin, Mark, decided to spend New Year’s Eve at our house. Since he moved out, we haven’t talked much or seen each other much. Until recently again. The closes one I have for a sibling and I got to spend New Year’s Eve with him as well – it was definitely nice.

8. Annual Christmas get together with friends 

It has been a tradition of ours – Mai, Ryan and I to have a little get together annually to celebrate Christmas. For the past 2 years or so, we’ve had a couple more people join us in this tradition. This year, we went to Poblacion area for our get together.

9. A handwritten note from my best friend

For Christmas this year, Ryan got me a beautiful red wallet as gift. It came with a hand written note with a sweet message.

10. A short holiday break 

Christmas break gave me the chance to relax and recharge my batteries. No work to think of – well not much during the holiday anyway. I was free to go wherever, whenever and to do whatever.

11. Annual videoke party with more friends in attendance

It started with just three friends: me with my closest friends, Ryan and Mai. It’s so nice to see how much that crowd has grown since then. More wonderful peeps have come to join in on the fun of celebrating the first day of the new year.

12. Part of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and New Year spent with the guy I like

Cue Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas. It’s not really Christmas or the entire day of Christmas Eve spent with him neither was it the entire day of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s spent with him but I’ll take what moments I can get. Them little moments already make me happy.