Photo by Matthias Cooper from Pexels

Monday means it’s time to write about the things/people/events that have made me happy recently.

1. Wrote a new blog post! 

I finally managed to sit down and actually write! I wrote about my travel from last year, the trip I took with mom to Bangkok, Thailand. It’s just the first part ‘cos it’s a long one and so I’m gonna break it down to separate posts.

2. Craziness at work is winding down 

The past couple of weeks or so have been really busy at work – pitches, meetings and planning here and there. The last pitch lined up is tomorrow and then I just have a blog post to think about… Til the next set of workload anyway. But I’m gonna cross that bridge when I get there again.

3. Filing for vacation leave and not going anywhere 

Because it’s been hectic at work, I thought now that my schedule’s somewhat freeing up, I’m gonna reward myself with a vacation leave. And yes, I’m not going anywhere. No travel. No staycation. Just home, doing whatever the heck I feel like. I deserve the break. I need the break to recharge.

4. Shopping at a discount!

Thank you H&M for the discount voucher. Bought a new basic top. Yep, I’m finally embracing basics in fashion.

5. Body Jam marathons and PT sessions with Rej

Trust me when I say this guy knows what he’s doing when it comes to personal training. He’s into the littlest details and his attention is always on you, never unwavering so you know you’re in good hands. Go on #AskRej from Fitness First Manila.

6. Catching a movie alone

Bad Boys for Life, the third sequel of Bad Boys which stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence was shown in cinemas a couple of weeks back and I decided to catch it in cinemas. I’m a fan of the Bad Boys movies. Read my review of that here

7. Spontaneous hang out with friends

There was time spent with Jordan and then Mai Ann. Window shopping/shopping. Dinner and catch up. Life’s been so busy for us all so it was nice to have time to just spend together. Hanging out with good friends is another way to re-energize.

8. Buy one, take one shoes from Hue Manila

I have been loving Hue Manila, another local shoe seller and recently, I saw they were having a buy one, take one sale so I grabbed the chance to get me some new and pretty shoes.

9. Trying out a new workout place for free with a workout buddy!

Thanks to Class Pass, I was able to do Hot Yoga at Bliss Yoga, Makati with one of my work colleagues, RJ, who’s also trying out Class Pass.

10. Staying home to finish reading a good book

I finally finished reading my first book for 2020: Sophie Kinsella’s Surprise Me. Nice read. I’ll definitely do a review of it one of these days too.

11. Lunch at a new resto cafe

Went to Antipodean cafe with a work colleague. It’s a new resto cafe located in Legaspi street in Makati. Good food.

12. Getting treated to lunch

I managed to talk my work colleague, Pau, into treating me and Maila to lunch at Yabu for helping out in working on this beauty brand pitch.

13. A little photo shoot detour with a work colleague after a presentation

Ely and I were looking fashionable and we were feeling good after a pitch we did in Makati. We walked to lunch and managed to find a couple of nice spots to take photos of our outfits. You gotta love colleagues who aren’t very uptight.

14. Getting to bond with gym friends, Yum and Rej after Jam class

It was in the midst of a crazy work week but I managed to squeeze in time to attend Rej’s Jam class. I knew Yum was gonna be there too so I found time to spend with them. Just a dinner after workout with her, Ryan and Rej was enough to get me going again with all the workload.

15. Making a sale 

So I recently opened a new Carousell account (can’t seem to access my other one anymore) because I’ve decided to do some decluttering. Selling some stuff I don’t use anymore. And I made a sale already! Yay! If you live in the Philippines, perhaps you’d like to check out my Carousell store.

16. Hearing people say they’ve been enjoying reading my blog

Thank you for reading and liking what you read in this blog. I enjoy all the random stuff that I write in this blog too.😊