The first day of  “community quarantine” in Metro Manila will come to a close in a few hours. I took the photo above yesterday after gym. On a weekend, the mall is usually packed with people but yesterday, there were only a few. I normally would say that it’s refreshing to not be in a crowd but it’s quite sad that the reason for it is because we’re all here, trying to fight off a fast spreading, infectious disease, COVID-19. We’re only 3 months in to 2020 but isn’t it so heavy already? So many negative things have already happened and this virus? This is probably the worst – affecting so many things.  Our mental health. Our physical health. Our economy. I hope we get through it okay and soon.

And just when the sun set, my sadness turned to anxiousness. Did anyone see that countdown on social media last night? 6 hours before the community quarantine begins… For a brief moment, I felt like I was in The Purge.

So I stayed home for today. Trying to do my part in social distancing to prevent this virus from spreading too fast.

Reading: Nothing at the moment since I just finished reading The President is Missing (read my review here)  a couple of days ago. I’m still thinking what to read next.

Listening: Body Jam playlist on Spotify

The music reminds me of the fun dance class I usually attend with my friends at the gym.

Watching: Friends re-run on Netflix

About a week ago, I finished watching the Netflix original series, Locke and Key recommended by Rej. You can read my review on that as well. So now, I’m just back to watching rerun of Friends which is still so relevant up – story wise – to this day.

Feeling: Anxious, a little scared and sad but also hopeful
Who wouldn’t be feeling this way with this virus around that’s messing with our daily lives? With cities in Metro Manila being put under a state of calamity, most establishments are forced to close.  Mass gatherings are discouraged – including attending mass at your local parish. I read that we can frame the narrative in a more positive way:

I also read that with the quarantine in place where we are encouraged/forced to stay home, now is the time for us to slow down and reconnect with the people around us and ourselves. Talk to your family. Read the books you’ve been meaning to read but have not found the time to do so because you’ve been so busy… You can even Netflix all you can these days.

I’m hopeful that somewhere in the world, a group of scientists will be able to find a vaccine to fight COVID-19. I’m hopeful that while we are locked up, Mother Earth will heal and somewhere down the road, we’ll all be back our normal lives. But with better appreciation and care for what we have and the people in our lives.

How I plan to start the first week of quarantine: With some normalcy in my life

This means keeping some of my daily routine like work and working out but will also be reducing the times I spend outside. As they said, if you can avoid going out, don’t go out. Stay home. Every bit will help right to flatten the curve?

How did you spend the first day of the quarantine? And how do you plan to spend at least the first week of quarantine?

P.S. Whether you’re in the Philippines or living in some other part of the globe, hope you can help our medical front liners who are working hard to save lives in the midst of the virus. Please donate money for personal protective equipment and food.