Before Metro Manila was put on lockdown, I would jet off to the gym as soon as I get off work for an intense 1 on 1 workout session. I would cap that off with a fun Body Jam dance class. Training workouts could be tiring but I always enjoyed it. Sometimes, after gym on a Friday, I’d be at a bar with friends for a few drinks too. This was my way of saying “Helloooo, weekend!”. 

Now the gyms are closed with no clear day when it will open again and so how I used to welcome the weekend has gone out the window. But I’ve found a new way to celebrate the weekend. Every Friday, I end my work week with a treat. Mostly food! I’ve minimized my shopping of non-essentials for now. 
It started with Juju Eats for you know, a healthy treat. And then it became milk tea from my favorite neighborhood milk tea shop, Cafe Bhon and now it’s cookies from Chewable Cravings! I like giving myself treats on a Friday. It’s my small, simple way of cheering myself up. Thinking of having a treat on Fridays also makes me even more excited about the two day work-free days coming up again! It’s like my way of rewarding myself these days because I made it through another week! 
Chewable Cravings is in the business of baking and selling cookies. It’s a business by my friend, Eileen and her hubby, that was born while the National Capital Region was in quarantine. Like most of us in quarantine, Chewable Cravings started out simply as a way for them to fulfill their cravings. I’ve seen quite a lot of the baked goods on Eileen’s IG stories and they seriously looked mouthwatering! So it’s no surprise really that a lot of their friends and acquaintances wanted to taste them for themselves and orders started coming in. 
They used to have not only cookies but also banana bread, ube cheese pandesal, chocolate in tin can – your mouth watering yet? They also had pasta, roasted chicken and roasted liempo before. I personally wanted to try the banana bread! But they decided to focus on cookies since it was becoming too big a task to cook different kinds of orders. I still hope to try the banana bread though. 
I finally got to try their cookies after a common friend of ours who lives near me decided to order as well. I wanted to wait for her so we could just pay one shipping fee and we’d be splitting the cost in half between us. 
My welcome weekend treat to myself 
I could not wait to sink my teeth into these cookies! I partnered my cookies with a fresh milk drink. Yes. I drink fresh milk now these days which I loooooove! Gotta have strong bones, you know? Not getting any younger here! LOL
Cookies and milk as a pair – very Oreo. Well that commercial from the 90s was the one that gave me the idea to pair this particular cookie treat with milk. 
My Chewable Craving flavors: Choco chip walnut, black and white and double dark. And guys, they taste as good as they look! 
Dunk it and eat. Yum!
Double Dark Choco. Super sweet! The first bite and already the chocolate sweetness burst in my mouth. Actually all the cookies are sweet but this is just the sweetest so it’s my ultimate fave. My best friend, Ryan, would probably love these cookies too because he also has a sweet tooth. 
Right now, Chewable Cravings only has 1 type of order – half a dozen cookies a box but you can choose from 1, 2 or 3 kinds of flavors for only Php528. The cookies are big and delish – well worth spending for. I’m already thinking of eating these cookies again as I write this. 
If you’d like to order a box or two for yourself and your family and friends, you can visit their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram