Haircut in the time of pandemic and the new hairstyle I'm embracing

Confession: I like to keep my hair short. Short hairs are way easier to maintain than long ones. 

It wasn't always the case though. Growing up, I liked to grow my hair. I blame it on the shampoo commercials I've seen on TV where women rocked long, straight and shiny hair. My mom was the only one who wanted me to rock short hair then. Fast forward to my adulthood and I've found myself more on the short side. My mom doesn't even have to tell me to get it cut nowadays. You see, I realized I can't rock long hair! I don't know how to style it and more often than not, I don't really have time or patience to try so I always just end up with a pony tail. 

Anyway, so after 3 months in quarantine, the salons and barbershops in Metro Manila have finally been allowed to open. Great news for me because I have been itching to get my hair cut - a task I was going to do in April but was not able to because COVID-19 happened.

So what's going for a haircut in the new normal like? It's securing an appointment before going. I've been doing this even before the pandemic because Piandre Salon is always full of clients especially on a weekend. 

Then there's the health protocols in place: temperature check prior to entering the salon and then filling out a health declaration form which you can do manually or by scanning a QR code. The health declaration form is part of the new normal here in the country even for restaurants. But in my opinion, it's not really the most effective type for contact tracing and controlling the virus spread. It's based on honesty when you declare that yes, you are in good health and that you have not experienced any of the symptoms identified for COVID-19. But I digressed.

Back to my haircut! 

Part of the new safety protocols of Piandre 

Bye bye long hair!

Gotta wear a mask and a face shield while your hair is shampooed. I was allowed to remove the shield once the hair cutting process began but the mask had to stay on the whole time. My stylist also had to wear a mask at all times.

I dressed up my eyes with a little liner and shadow since half my face is covered with a mask. Though I still wore lipstick underneath that. 

Strange to be wearing a mask of course but overall I felt safe. And happy with my new 'do!

Ta dah! I'm rocking a pixie!

It has been so long since I got my hair cut in this style. The last time was when I was about 24/25. My usual do is the tried and tested bob. 

Confession: I used to dislike pixie hairstyle. I thought it made me look like a boy.

The first time my hair was a pixie cut was when I was in my early teens. It wasn't my choice either. It was my mom's. I didn't know how to pick a hairstyle that I liked back then so I let her. I was horrified! Then came the time Emma Watson was in a cover of a magazine, rocking a new short 'do which is I think right after the Harry Potter movies ended. It was the first time I ever went to a salon with a style peg and I got that in one of those posh salons too. 

I remember how the stylist raved about my brave new style to his colleagues. And honestly at first, I liked the haircut I got. That feeling lasted for that day only. I probably only liked it because it was styled after the cut. After that, I was back to disliking my hair and I never rocked the pixie cut again until now.

Why the cut? I was feeling the need for a change. Spice it up a little you know? I've been wearing my hair the same way for the longest time after all and a haircut is the cheapest and safest choice for a style change. Also because I found myself a style icon with Michelle Williams. That woman has been rocking the pixie cut for some time now and she looks gorgeous! 

I knew it was a bold and risky choice of course. After all, Michelle is a Hollywood celeb who's got herself a glam team. It didn't mean that just 'cos we both rock the same face shape that the cut will look good on me too. Past records have shown that I did not liked it on me. But I figured well we are still in quarantine. If it turned out to be a bad haircut, no one could see me.😆 
It's been about a week since I got my hair cut and I am loving it! Sure I still have times I look in the mirror and I think I kinda look like a boy but overall I'm very happy about my new hair.    


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