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It’s September! We’re in the last four months before we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to another new year. Can you believe that? I’m still sheltering in place as I have been since March but doesn’t mean life has to stop right? It’s slowed down somewhat since we went on lockdown due to COVID-19 and since I am in a mentally better place these days than I was a few months ago, I feel more determined than ever to make things happen for me. Take advantage of the time I have on my hands. So here are the new goals I’m setting for myself to achieve this month.

1. Read at least 1 book 

I would like to continue taking advantage of this time where I have no plans of going out to read more and reach my 2020 GoodReads Reading Challenge goal of reading 12 books. I’m just 2 books shy from reaching that goal.😄 The books I’ve bought from 2 years ago and last year are still on the shelf waiting to be read so I’m going to continue to make time to read. 

2. Stay healthy and fit

For the past three years of my life, I’ve lived an active lifestyle, working out at the gym almost 7 days a week and even on holidays except for Holy Week and Christmas. But the gym is closed due to the pandemic and even if it does open again, I have no plans to go back just yet. I was actively working out for a month or two during lockdown but my motivation has dwindled down as the months progressed and since my big toe injury a couple of weeks ago, my exercise has gone down to zero. 

My big toe is on its way to recovery and I’m feeling determined to get back to working out even just at home. I want to combine that with moderate and a bit healthier eating. So to break down that goal this month, this would mean:

a. Workout 3-4x a week 

b. Drink only black coffee during work week. I cannot live without coffee so this is the best alternative. Trading in my coffee with sugar and milk which I have gotten accustomed to again since the lockdown began but black coffee is healthier! But I still deserve my treat so I will let myself have coffee with additives on weekends.

c. Bed by 11PM specially on work weeks because while I still work from home, it is work and you need a sound mind and body for that. Besides, I read that lack of sleep contributes to weight gain.  

d. Get some Vitamin D aka sunshine vitamin every morning 

g. Continue to drink my vitamins (because I’m really not able to get it all from food as I’m a picky eater

h. No rice meals after 6PM (rice is a heavy meal and we’re not so active at night time. Don’t want to end this year with a big bulging stomach!) 

i. Continue to drink calamansi (lime) juice everyday because it is a good source natural source of Vitamin C

I’m not trying to lose weight here but I also don’t want to gain more pounds. I just really want to keep fit to stay healthy and have a strong immune system. A good hygiene and a strong immune system are the best ways to keep sickness away such as COVID-19. 

3. No swiping of credit cards 

I’ve been able to do this since the start of the year. I haven’t been swiping any of my credit cards for purchases. I’ve been using cash! I want to continue doing that for this month. 

4. Stash money for savings and investment 

Because I really want to become financially healthier. My salary is still nowhere near what I used to earn (paycut!😭) but I don’t want that to stop me from saving and investing even little by litte.

5. Continue to pay off my credit card 

My goal is to eliminate unhealthy debts and that means credit cards! I closed 1 credit card account earlier this year but I’m planning to close 3 in total. I’m nearly there with closing another credit card. I have way too many! I was really careless with my money before but this pandemic has taught me so much more about being frugal, being aware of my expenses and being careful with spending.  

6. Continue to declutter

I just have so many stuff! Stuff I don’t use or need. Decluttering is good. In fact it can even help you earn some money on the side. .

7. Continue to reduce, reuse and recycle 

I want to continue doing my part to save the environment. So for this month, I will:

– Continue saving plastic waste I use for recycle. If you live in Metro Manila, check out The Plaf or GreenAntz Builders on Facebook because they both accept plastic waste for recycling. One plastic saved from being in the landfill or the ocean is one good deed for Mother Earth 

– Continue harvesting my green energy on Gcash to eventually plant another tree. I’ve been able to plant 3 trees so far. 

– Continue to refuse any kind of bag when I’m only buying stuff that I can carry with my hands even if it’s a brown bag  

– And for those times I need to buy more, I will use an eco bag. 

8. Continue to grow my blog and find ways to earn from it  

My blog is my creative outlet. It will always be that. But I want to grow it and earn from it. One way to grow this blog is to increase the traffic. I started last month by setting a goal of hitting 5k views a month. Amazingly I not only hit that goal but I was able to achieve more with 8k views! 

Through the years of blogging, I’m lucky enough to experience landing a couple of ex-deals from this blog. I was able to get a discount voucher from Zalora and even got to watch a play for free because this blog became a media partner. 

Last month though, I was able to get paid with money in exchange for a content collaboration on this blog which is seriously awesome! I want to get more opportunities like that. More ways to earn money, the more I can get closer to my goal of being financially viable

Also, if you’re a regular visitor, I’m sure you’ve seen the ads. Do click on those please as I can earn from every click. Help me earn USD$100 to cash out my first ever Google Adsense earning. 

So this month I want to:

1. Increase my monthly page views to 10,000

2. Get to USD$16 from Google adsense (so click! click! click!) 

4. Learn more about Affiliate Marketing 

Are you setting goals for yourself too for the month? I would love to know what goals you’re setting for yourself in life or in blogging.