Photo by nappy from Pexels

Just before September rolls around, I’m squeezing in one more blog post for the month of August just to share the good things that happened to me lately. 

1. I got paid for blogging! 

I really love blogging. I’m not here for the money. It’s not the reason I started blogging again. It’s more as a creative outlet but hey, when opportunities to earn from what you do come knocking on your door, I’m not gonna turn that down! So, yay me! 

I hope there will be more blog collaborations for this blog in the future from more brands.😊

2. My family is still healthy, alive and kicking since January

I’m always thankful for everyday that I’m alive and my family is alive and well. But I’m just specially grateful these days because we’re not living through normal times. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. But here we are, lucky to be alive and healthy. 

3. I read and finished three books in August

I have my reading groove back and that makes me happy because it means I’m finally able to read the books I bought from two years ago! Reading, blogging and even Instagram-ming it (yes folks, I started my own bookstagram account so if you love books, follow me! My username is @readingkindofliz. I was able to read Deenie by Judy Blume, Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson and The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham.  

It also makes me happy because it’s bringing me closer to reaching my 2020 GoodReads Reading Challenge goal of 12 books for the year. Just 2 books to go. I’m mulling about increasing my goal to 20. 

4. Listening to music 

When the lockdown began and I just had a paycut, I cancelled my Spotify premium account in a bid to curve my expenses and because I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to music. My mental and emotional health really took a beating from this pandemic and ongoing lockdown. But I’ve been drawn to music again lately. I’m listening to music while I’m out getting some much needed sunshine. I’m listening and singing along while I’m in my room… Music is a good therapy you know? And it’s making me happy. I’m going to continue listening more often again and I may even do a blog post about what I’m listening to from time to time. 

A work colleague once gave me that idea and said I should file that kind of blog post under a category called playLIZ. Creative isn’t it? 

5. Samgyup night at home with family 

My cousin came to visit and said we ought to have a samgyupsal night at home. He had a smokeless grill that he brought over along with beef and pork meats that we could cook. It was nice to do so. 

6. Getting an unexpected treat from the guy I like

I found it to be a very sweet, kakakilig (butterflies in my tummy) kind of experience to be treated to cold brew coffee. I joked about getting treated when we were talking one time that he told me he was going to order. I didn’t really expect he would so it’s very nice. I know it’s his way of thanking me for the help I extended to him when he asked. Still, it’s a happy thought.

7. Video chats with friends

My best friend, Ryan got me and Mai, our other friend hooked on watching Hello Stranger on Youtube. So every Wednesday since we all started watching, we would video chat with each other after the episode aired so we could discuss what we liked about the episode which would lead to other topics! 

8. Sunny mornings

I love waking up to the feel of the warm rays of the sun on my bed and seeing a clear blue sky in the morning. I love being able to go out in the garden or the backyard to soak up the morning sun. It makes me feel like the day ahead will be good despite the chaos that surrounds us outside. 

9. Making a lot of sale this month

The month of August started in a good way for me. I was able to sell a few items! Clutter being turned to cash = amazing feeling. If you live in the Philippines, maybe you’d like to check out my shop on Carousell. I sell books mostly but some other old stuff too that we’re decluttering from our home. 

10. Being able to not only achieve my monthly blog views goal but exceeding it!

So at the start of the month, I set off to increase my blog views to 5k. But when I checked just recently, I found that I was able to hit 8k views this month! Wow wow wow! Truly when you put something out there in the universe, the universe will conspire to make it happen. 

11.  2 long weekends in a month

August turned out to be a busy month at work. I think it’s a sign that things are picking back up from our clients side, meaning they’re starting to adjust to the situation and are now ready to test the waters again in terms of marketing their brand/product. Weekends are always welcome because it means a 2 day break from work but it can be so short right? So to get 3 non-working days? Awesome!  

12. Ending a long work week with sweet treats 

My absolute favorite way to end a work week these days? With Chewable Cravings cookies! I was able to help myself to a box of cookies recently. Soft, sweet and chewy cookies never fail to bring a smile to my face. Order a box from them for only Php528 via Facebook or Instagram.