After waking up for a couple of weeks with a gloomy and rainy weather, the sun is finally out shining again. It’s also Friday so weekend is just around the corner now. The thought of those two things bring a smile to my face and lift up my spirits. 

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

And since I’m already feeling cheery, I thought I’d boost my good mood further by thinking about the other good things that have made me happy which I am sharing here with you, my dear readers. 
1. I got new plants
I have been buying plants since June! Like so many others, I have realized the joy brought on by caring for plants – from the time you bought the plant to seeing it grow with new leaves and/or flowers. I recently added more plants for our home and garden thanks to my recent trip to Cartimar, Pasay, a buy 1 take 1 plant sale, reliable online plant vendors on Instagram and a friend who’s also into gardening these days who gave me plants she propagated at home. 
propagated plants
Meet some of my new plant babies! 
Next week, I’m getting another plant which I won from a giveaway, isn’t that amazing? 
2. Meet ups with friends

My College friend has recently moved near my place. She and her family already live nearby and I have seen her from time to time since the lockdown began but now that she’s closer than ever, visits to her place has become more often! I’m so happy to have a friend on the neighborhood whom I can get together with. 
Recently as well, I met up with another friend who also lives nearby for coffee, a short grocery run and chitchat. 
I know that with technology, I can see and chat with my friends even if we’re far from each other but honestly it’s so different when it’s a physical get together! I hope and plan to safely meet some of my other nearby friends in person too specially my best friends.   

3. Another zero credit card debt 
It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to pay off my credit card debts!
4. Winning a cookie treat 
Last month, I won a raffle where the prize was a box of palm sized cookies. Getting sweet treats for free? Lucky me! 
5. Having a happy spot on my work desk 
You know one those plants I bought? It’s now on my desk along with a couple of other stuff that bring a smile to my face. I finally replaced some of the clutter on top of my desk with a happy area.     
Hoya plant decor
A new happy spot on my work desk featuring my a photo of me from one of my travels, my cute coffee plastic bottle and Hoya plant

How about you? What things or events in your life lately have been putting a smile on your face? I would love to know on the comments below.