When it comes to wearing makeup, I’m all about making my lips more noticeable and attractive. Putting on the right lipstick shade makes me feel confident, pretty and sexy. I’ve loved playing up my lips that over the years I have amassed quite a number of lipsticks, lip balms and lip tints. Nowadays my lips is hidden from public view when out and about because it’s covered with face mask.

Have I forgone wearing makeup completely? Not at all. While, I mostly reserve swiping on lipstick at home for work related video calls now, when I have to go out, I just now play up a different face feature – my eyes.

With only the upper part of my face exposed, it’s only natural that I play up the part that can be seen in public. Let me tell you a bit more about how I wear make up in this day and age of required mask and face shield wearing.

Various Products I Use to Play Up My Eyes

Skincare Prep

Before I wear any make up, I make sure to prep my skin and that includes using eye serum. Pretty peepers start with good skincare!

Face Base Foundation

You know something ironic? I’m able to use up my foundation more these days compared to pre-pandemic times. This is really because I’m no longer going to the gym after work. I hate being bothered to remove makeup before sweating it out so I skipped the foundation altogether.

I have been applying foundation though all over my face but apparently, that’s not ideal with mask on! Heavy make up can interfere with the humidity under the mask which can result to clogged pores and result in maskne. Next time, I’m just going to apply foundation on the upper half of my face too, the part that isn’t covered by a mask.

I use my foundation as my eye concealer too so I get more use for one product.

Brow Game Makeup

Definitely an important part of putting on make up for me is making sure I put brow makeup on. Without this, my confidently beautiful with makeup on will fail as I have barely there eyebrows!

Line It Up with Eye Liner

I used to avoid wearing eye liner. But since I like to showcase my eyes more now, I’ve been using eye liner more often. Who knows? Maybe with more practice, I can finally rock perfectly winged eyes!

winged eyes

I’m even considering buying different colors of eye liner like blue or green to make it more fun and playful!

Beautiful Lashes with Mascara

Even though I have short and straight lashes, I wear waterproof mascara. I learned to appreciate wearing one a couple of years ago. Since I skipped on foundation for gym days, I compromised by wearing lipstick and a little bit of mascara so I still look pretty even when I’m already sweating!

With the right mascara on, I found that I can achieve thick and long looking curled lashes. I skip eye curler by the way because I have short lashes. This is actually the first make up product I bought after a year of buying only essential stuff.

Amping it up with Eye Shadow

Finally for the last item I use to play up my eyes, I wear eye shadow. Right now, I only have neutral and pastel shades of pink and purple eye shadow palettes since I wasn’t always wearing eye shadow before. Now, I’m thinking of buying more eyeshadow makeup palettes that will also match my mood like when I’m feeling playful or flirty.

Maybe Ofra Cosmetics would be worth checking out! I checked out their website and they have quite a number of color palettes to choose from! I know of beauty bloggers who raved about this make up brand in the past so that’s point for consideration.

Do you guys still wear make up before donning a face mask and face shield? Or have you completely given up with wearing makeup at all?