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It’s been awhile since I shared any Amazon Prime series I’m watching. I just finished watching all six seasons of How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix and couldn’t really find a new one that appealed to me so much so I thought I’d check out other streaming services.

Here’s an Amazon Prime series gem that I found: The Boys!

About The Boys

The show is about superheroes. In a world where they are considered celebrities and fame matters to them. The Boys centers on a group of vigilantes known informally as “The Boys” and their mission is to take down the corrupt superheroes with no more than their blue collar grit and a willingness to fight dirty.

It currently has two seasons with 8 episodes each so if you bingewatch like me, you’ll finish it quickly. It’s been renewed for Season 3 already which according to news reports may be released later this year. This Amazon Prime series is developed by Eric Kripke (Supernatural) though upon research The Boys is originally a comic book series.

Why This Show’s Worth Watching

The Story

First and foremost, doesn’t that plot grab you? I sure thought it’s interesting. Initially, it got my attention since it talked about superheroes as brands and I’m a marketing person. But that’s just really a side plot to it. What makes The Boys so interesting to watch is the idea of normal, powerless people going up against superheroes who would turn out to be unheroic after all.

The boys take it upon themselves to go up against superheroes, particularly The Seven. They’re like the A-list of superheroes led by Homelander. If you watch this show, you’ll notice Homelander has a resemblance of character to Marvel’s Captain America and DC Comics’ Superhamn. His brand is all about patriotism and he rocks the red and blue superhero costume. That’s as far as their similarity goes though.

These superheroes got so many secrets! It only gets more exciting and crazier to watch with every episode.

The Characters

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher is love! He’s a good-looking clean-cut fella as Bones in Star Trek but forgettable. As a bearded up, rugged looking, English guy, he’s hot! I liked the Frenchie character too, played by Tomer Kapon. He’s got a history of being a killer-for-hire and he’s also a drug-dabling, gunrunning jack-of-all-trades. But he’s got a soft spot. Hughie, on the other hand, he’s the guy next door you’d like to root for to be happy again in love.

Homelander, the goodlooking leader of the Supes, Antony Starr plays him so well. He gets under my skin. I definitely want Billy Butcher to take this supervillain on and give him what he deserves. And while Homelander is a guy I want to hate on this show, The Deep played by Chace Crawford brings on the laughs for me. He’s definitely come a long way from when I remember him playing lost rich boy, Nate Archibald, on Gossip Girl.

A New Character I’m Excited About

If you’ve been a fan of Supernatural, you’ll like this show. Like I said, Eric Kripke helms this Amazon Prime series. You’ll even see some characters from Supernatural appearing in this show. In fact, Jim Beaver who played Bobby in Supernatural was a guest star in The Boys.

For season 3, it’s been made official! My favorite Winchester brother, Jensen Ackles, is joining The Boys! He’s going to play Soldier Boy, another superhero. He’s still not as powerful as Homelander (I don’t think any supe is more powerful than him) but he’s fairly strong. According to what I read, Soldier Boy is a spoof of Captain America.

Are you curious about Soldier Boy too? Check out this video explainer.

If you’re on the lookout for a new series to watch and get hooked on, I recommend you check out The Boys.