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Retail therapy. There’s really something to that, don’t you agree? And with work being so draining lately, I thought I’d go treat myself to some nice things. And so I took advantage of the recent 8.8 and Payday sales to indulge in a little online shopping. Read below for my most recent Shopee haul.

Mental Wellness Themed Shopee Haul

Mental wellness Shopee haul

It was my friend, Eileen, who gave me the idea. When I told my friends my latest Shopee buys, she said they all seemed to be for my mental wellness. I suppose that’s what I was thinking subconsciously when I bought these. All I knew was that I wanted to buy products that have fragrant scents to help put me in a good mood.

A Scented Candle that Makes Me Think of Jo Malone

First item I bought is a scented candle from Wix Cozy Homes. I found out about this shop from my best friend, Ryan. He was recommending a cheaper USB lighter to me for my scented candles than what I originally had my eye on. He told me the shop also had candles and he bought those too. I checked it out and this scented candle caught my eye. I thought the scents were interesting as they reminded me of Jo Malone perfumes. Love their perfume scents!

I thought the packaging looks simply elegant. Love that touch of black ribbon on the lid. Again, reminded me of Jo Malone scented candles. We’re the Perfect Pear! candle’s scent consist of pear, melon, freesia, rose, musk, rhubarb and amber. I have been loving it so far! I light it up when I feel like my spirits are low which happens often these days. And even when it’s not lighted up, I can smell the scent wafting around, near my bed. I love waking up to the smell of it. It’s like I slept and woke up in a 5 star hotel room.

Buy this 200ml soy scented candle from Wix MNL Shopee store for Php495. There are 5 other scent inspirations you can choose from by the way in case you’re not too crazy about the scents I mentioned included in this particular candle.

USB Lighter Stick

And like I said, I originally planned on buying just a USB lighter stick from the shop. I was tired of using matches because it’s just great to light a match stick when the candle is new. Once it gets too deep, lighting the wick with a match stick gets very tricky and I’ve burned my finger once or twice already. And since it’s rechargeable, that’s one less match stick to throw away after use!

I got this for Php405. This is the way to go when it comes to lighting candles! No more burned fingers. Buy one from here.

Humidifier and Aromatherapy Oils

Even before the pandemic and we all started staying home more, I’ve thought about getting one. But the one I had in mind is Mia Maison, which is quite expensive. But even when I found a cheaper one, I just always hesitated in getting one because well, I don’t have an airconditioned room. I was told this is really more for airconditioned rooms. Still, I decided to finally buy one!

I bought this humidifier with peppermint aromatherapy oil. Minty scents are one of my fave scents! Humidifiers have a lot of benefits like loosen congestion of clogged nasal clogged passages. Even though I don’t have a cold, I’ve been waking up with a clogged nose for some time now. At least that’s what I’ve noticed. But since using this, I’ve been waking up with a clearer nasal passage. No kidding! Whaddaya know? It actually works! But actually, I didn’t buy this for any of those benefits! I just thought I want my room to smell nice. This humidifier came with a free small lavender aromatherapy oil, has a timer so you can choose how long it will run and that it lights up makes this a good purchase!

You can get this humidifier from this Eco Love Philippines for Php699.

Artisanal Soaps

I used to just depend on the soaps that are available in the house. You know the likes of Safeguard and Palmolive. Then I started to buy to tea tree soap and then there was the Himalayan pink salt soap for my body acne and now, I’m buying artisanal bath soaps! Reason for buying? Because I want to smell fragrant scents that will help put me in a good mood. Instead of just going through the motions of taking a bath everyday specially on a weekday, I’m making it more enjoyable for me by having these artisanal soaps!

I bought these soaps from SQN Apothecary, 3 for Php380. One soap cost about Php120-Php130. I particularly got Sea Mist because I do miss the scent of the sea. Who me? Yeah those who know me IRL know I’m not too crazy about beaches. If you ask me to choose between city or beach vacation, city will win. But it’s been a while since I last had a beach vacation too which can be so relaxing to do. So I miss it too and this scent may be the closest thing I’ll get to smelling the ocean breeze while COVID-19 persists.

Also got the Hazelnut Cappuccino Coffee Scrub which I’ll use for body exfoliation, alternating it with my peppermint body scrub which I bought from Marta’s Handmade. And for my third full size soap, I got the Mango Bravo. I got a freebie soap from them too but I dunno what it is. It’s deliciously sweet smelling though. Kinda like chocolate.

So that’s it for my Shopee haul. It’s not really a lot, right? Yeah, it’s all about controlled spending. I still have some scented candles and artisanal soaps in my cart actually but like I said, I’m pacing myself. For now, I’m pleased with my Shopee purchases.