I’m almost in my mid-20s and yet, there are still certain things I haven’t outgrown. For instance, I still love love love spending my past time playing games. Speaking of which, I just played two new Dash games courtesy of Playfirst: Hotel Dash and Cooking Dash 2.

First off, Hotel Dash. I find the game pretty challenging. The objective of the game is to help Quinn, Flo’s friend as she books guests on different hotel locations by keeping all the guests happy.

Some of the dash games I’ve played also from Playfirst were pretty easy to finish but Hotel Dash isn’t one of them that’s why I really found this game interesting to play. I got to finish the whole game of course, thanks to Novitacu’s blog which so generously posts links to full versions of games for FREE.

Cooking Dash 2 is another Dash game I’ve been playing. This time, Flo and Grandma are tasked to cook and feed production people. What I love about the game is it’s also not that easy to get through all the levels plus there are new characters involved which gives certain game bonuses when they’ve been satisfied such as the director, the starlet and the movie star actor.

Anyway, I guess there’s no shame in still being a child at heart. Playing games relieves me of stress I encounter at work and school which is good. After all, who wants to look old and tired at such a young age, right? Everyone has their own way of relieving stress and this is one of mine. (“,)

P.S. If you like to play the full versions of these games, just drop me a note and I’ll gladly send you the link.