To borrow from another popular band in the 90s, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” and that is exactly what I’m doing – money wise that is.

I have a full time job that pays just fine but lately I’ve found that the income I get from it is no longer enough to sustain the kind of lifestyle I have now. I have become “magastos”. And don’t think I haven’t tried to live the frugal life because I have! Over the past year, my friends and I have been skipping the malls and have resorted to hanging out at a friend’s house, I rarely watch a movie in theaters now as well and I’ve even cut down on treating my friends who are currently unemployed whenever we want to have her company. I guess everyone’s feeling the economic crunch. 
Being broke is a depressing feeling and I am not having it anymore! That’s why I’m so glad to have found an extra source of income. I’ve become a freelance blogger! Since last February, I’ve been writing for certain blogs and the pay is not so bad. Not bad at all! I recently just got paid via Paypal. I gotta tell you, when I saw the message with the subject title “You’ve got money!” it just made my day. I’m happy that I got to put my writing skills to work. In fact, when my full time job and graduate school starts slowing down again, I’m going to find more extra source of income. And in case you’re wondering how I landed that freelance gig, you should check out Craiglist Manila. It’s a gold mine!
I was also inspired by reading Frances blog. She sure earns a nice amount of money from doing what she likes to do: write!