Look at how time flies so fast. It seems like it was only yesterday when I went off to MOA to celebrate Ryan’s 24th dinner birthday celebration and now he’s 25! Been friends with him for about ten years or so now ever since we were in high school.

Actually, to tell the truth, Ryan and I didn’t instantly click the first time we met, which was in 4th Grade! Yeah,  it gets that way when you go to a school that accepts students from kinder to high school – you pretty much get to know almost everyone. You see, during fourth grade elementary, he and I both got transferred for the very first time in the star section class – that’s the section of the supposedly smartest kids in school. Ironically, we didn’t get along even though we were both newbies in a class that’s known each other since the first grade. Actually, I disliked him in fourth grade. I thought Ryan was a snob! And it didn’t help matters either that he teased me a lot. So it’s pretty much a surprise to us that we somehow hit it off when we ended up becoming classmates again during our freshman year in high school.

I credit Ryan for introducing most of the friends I made during our high school days. He’s always been quite the social butterfly whereas I was pretty reserved. He hasn’t lost that biting wit actually and I love that about him. He also hasn’t lost his fun loving side. Anyhow, happy birthday Ryan! I really hope all your wishes will be granted and I hope all your dreams can come true!


Ooh la la! I said it before and I will say it again, Ian Somerhalder is one hot vampire! These are a couple of photos of Ian’s GQ photoshoot. Gosh I have to buy the complete DVD of Vampire Diaries season 1 soon!