There’s a difference between

interest and commitment. 

When you’re interested in doing something, 

you do it only when circumstance permit. 

When you’re committed to


you accept no excuses, only results.

Saw this on one of my Facebook friends profile. It gave me food for thought. I’ve recently blogged about signing up for the gym to get my fitness on but though I have, I haven’t given it much of my time. It’s been a month since I started. I cringe every time I think about how much this is costing me… and I don’t know if I made a bad decision, one that I can’t easily forget because I signed up for a year’s membership. 

Well the phrase above hit me because it’s so true. I have expressed interest in taking care of my health by exercising and also drinking health supplements such as fish oil and multivitamins… But I have not committed myself to it because I only do it when i feel like I have the time to do so and when I remember to buy the supplements. 

I seriously need to commit though. I need to kick the slacker in me out the door so that I can truly achieve the results I want. Why have I been slacking? Well because I’ve been feeling burned out. I’ve so many things in my hands to juggle – it’s fun most of the time but it does get exhausting.

I need a vacation. I’m in need of a sweet escape… Oh look! Bella Rocca! 

Oh yes, I can imagine myself here. Reading a book, sipping juice, enjoying a nice warm weather

I can imagine myself in this room. Sleeping, watching TV and basically just relaxing in that comfy bed! 

 I can imagine feeling at peace while watching this gentle water flow. 

So yeah it is expensive. it’ll cost an arm and a leg basically at the rate of 1,320 USD for their villa with 2 bedrooms (maximum of 4 adults) but still, I think it’s a nice getaway. I want to go here.