Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve already. I’ve been watching the news and boy, a lot of Filipinos are already hoarding on fireworks. And who can blame them? It’s been a long time tradition in the country. Plus, I must admit that there’s a certain beauty that can be seen from fireworks. Just look at all those amazing colors!

The thing is firecrackers are dangerous. Did you see Goodbye Earth and Bin Laden which were featured in the news? They are very scary! And according to the experts, you can not only lose a finger or two if you get caught in a firecracker accident but you can lose your whole arm or leg! Eek!

I’m actually happy that firecrackers are banned in our area because every year, I have to deal with the loud noise and the smoke. A noise as loud as that of a firecracker can damage the eardrums and with the thickness of the smoke, you are liable to inhale them and end up coughing. Plus there’s the fear of going out in the streets because someone might accidentally throw a lit firecracker my way. And anyway, firecrackers contribute to the air pollution.

My family has stopped buying firecrackers. For years now, we’ve been spending it in a different way. Just enjoying the media noche feast, watching TV and sometimes just singing the night away with a rented karaoke. We’re trying to be practical. After all, who wants to spend three thousand bucks on firecrackers that will be blown away in just a few minutes? Not us for sure.

Well… enjoy the New Year celebration folks! Are you ready to say goodbye to 2010 already and hello to 2011? I’m not quite there yet. I have new goals to make and a looking back at what my year has been like to do. But from a bird’s eye view, I believe I had a rollercoaster year… but it sure has been great!

Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe. (“,)