Last day of 2010 everyone. In just a few short hours we’ll all be saying hello to 2011! Are you excited about the New Year? I am. I love this occasion because a new year means exactly that! NEW. New beginnings, a new hope, second chances… I’ve had a wonderful 2010 and I hope you did too.

Anyway, considering it’s the last day of the year, I thought I’d just share with you the fangirl side of me. First off on my list are two local celebrity guys. Now I’m not a big follow of local showbiz celebrities but I do think there are some who are real cute. For instance:

John Pratts! So totally cute.

I met John Pratts during the relaunch of TV5 just this March. He’s been my celebrity crush for the longest time! Back when he starred in Batang X and then GMIK. He’s really nice. He even shook my hand when I called his name to get a picture with him. I love that John can totally dance!


I’m so lucky I got to meet Lucky Manzano!

Yes, I meant to call him Lucky rather than Luis. It’s the only way the pun could work! I met him recently. Just this December actually because we got him and Billy Crawford (he’s the guy in white with the cap) to be the hosts on one of our events, the Fern Year End Celebration. I’m not that big a fan of Luis but I do think he’s one of the most good looking guys in local showbiz so of course I did not dare miss this opportunity to take a picture with him.
Okay, well, I’m actually more into Hollywood celebrities and here are two of my absolute loves:

Robert Pattinson of course! I loved him as Cedrick Diggory and I love him even more as Edward Cullen!

I’m a Twilight fan and proud to declare that I love Robert Pattinson! Some say RPatz doesn’t do justice to the role of Edward Cullen but I say yes, he does! He’s a dreamboat. I was so jealous of Tyra Banks when she asked him to bite her neck! Did you Twihards see that episode?  

Ian Somerhalder = Damon Salvatore. Hottest Vampire Ever!!!

Oh and last but not the least. Ian Somerhalder!!! Sorry Edward Cullen, RPatz my love. I think Damon Salvatore is really the hotter vampire. Maybe it’s Ian’s smoldering eyes. Maybe it’s the body! Maybe it’s his wit! And probably it’s his kinda bad boy character on Vampire Diaries. He’s really good looking isn’t he? Dreamy! I always am in cloud nine when I watch Vampire Diaries. So love Ian! And I kinda wish Damon and Elena would get together. Did they in the book? Wait! Scratch that. Nobody tell me. I’m excited to find out what will happen next on Vampire Diaries season 2!

Happy New Year everyone!