It’s been awhile since my friends and I have gotten up early in the morning on a weekend to meet up. But that’s how it had to be in order to go to our first stop, the Salcedo Market! If you’re around the area on a Saturday morning, you should definitely go to Salcedo Market.

So big but it’s only P100! 

My two best pals in the whole world with their whopping burgers

It was a rainy morning but the sun decided to grace us with its presence around the afternoon. Ryan had to buy load from Mini Stop so Bonsch and I decided to help ourselves to sundae cones. I love these Mini Stop sundaes! It’s part of my cheap thrills. 
Delicious sundae cones from Mini Stop. Only P15

Well walking around Salcedo village and Legaspi village taking photos of ourselves (Ryan had brought his DLSR so we gave in to our vanity. Hehe. I’ll post pictures once he’s gotten around to uploading it) made us absolutely famish so we had heavy dinner at Kanin Club, Ayala Triangle – Makati’s very own version of Central Park. We couldn’t finish our meal since it’s quite a heavy meal. Still affordable since we split payments among the three of us. 

Mais Con Yelo for dessert

A full meal for dinner at Kanin Club

Beef Steak
Garlic Rice

I love laid back Saturdays especially those spent in the company of great friends. Luckily our food trip didn’t cost us much.