New books to read!

Mai finally got around to bringing her Summit books which I’ve been asking to borrow for months! So now I’ve got new books to read. About time to because I have some time in my hands now. Actually already finished reading Table for Two. It’s a nice read although I may appreciate it more if it became a movie.

It’s the Manila Bay Cruise

I saw the Manila Bay Cruise just this past week when I decided to sit by MOA bayside after I went to the gym. I read about this dinner cruise on before. I kinda want to try it out but I’ve no one to try it out with. My friends don’t want to go! And well, I’m single so no boyfriend to ask to take me there. I hope when I find a new love, he’ll think of taking me there. I bet it’ll be pretty romantic. Dinner by the bay. Cool breeze. Great music to dance to.

I’m almost done with graduate school!

 I just finished my last class in E-Marketing today and I was able to enroll two cognates for next term – the only two subjects I need to take to complete my academic term. Do you know what that means? That means by September, I’m going to take the last and final step to getting my Masters Degree in Marketing Communication. Wowee!