Pahiyas Festival is tomorrow and I had planned on going. Unfortunately, my out of town plans fell through at the last minute but I still wanted an adventure. So I dated the city of Manila today! It was a great date I had too.

I’ve heard about Juan Luna’s famous painting The Spolarium. I’ve always wanted to see it with my own two eyes so I went to the National Museum. So proud of myself for being able to get there all alone. I’ve never gone to Manila alone before… at least not as far as UN Avenue but I did it! The National Museum’s so big, I thought I’d get lost there. It’s also very old! Some parts were under renovation and some parts were dark and closed. Yes, I walked all alone there. It did scare me a bit especially when I was walking along the dark hallways. I actually kept looking back just to see if anyone was following me. Haha. Me and my imagination. 
Saw a lot of paintings there. I’d post photos of my favorite ones now except I actually submitted a story pitch about National Museum  and am waiting to hear from them. Anyhow, I finally got to see Juan Luna’s Spolarium. The huge painting stood there in the center at the ground floor of the museum and it just made me go “Wow”. It was a truly beautiful painting, almost life like.
Entrance fee for adults is P100 while students can get in for P30. Go on a Sunday if you don’t want to pay. It’s free entrance on Sundays. It’s open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. 
After that, I decided to take a walk along Rizal Park. Went inside Chinese Garden. Entrance fee is only P5. 
That’s the Walk of Wisdom. When you walk along this path, you’ll notice various words of wisdom posted on the columns. This is inside the Chinese Garden. 
And as though my feet weren’t tired enough from all the walking I did in National Museum and Rizal Park, I decided to do a bit of thrift shopping. Was in search of Archie comics but I didn’t find any. I got this though:
I love bargain books. This is a hard bound copy of Citizen Girl and I got it for only 50 bucks. Aside from the yellow pages, this book is in great shape. This will keep me company for awhile while he’s still not around. I really miss him already…